All Hands on Deck for Last Sunday’s Baptism!

Every baptism is special, but it was really SPECIAL and fun when four babies — which included a set of triplets — were welcomed into our First Church faith community this last Sunday. A wave of laughter swept through the sanctuary as four clergy stepped up, each taking one of the newest Disciples-in-Training, and then inviting the congregation to acknowledge our role in their young lives by affirming the following:

With God’s help, we will so order our lives after the example of Christ that Wynne,
Jack, Penn, and Emma surrounded by steadfast love may be established in the
faith and confirmed and strengthened in the way that leads to life eternal.

Since January 1, you have accepted this charge 31 times; 31 times you have presented yourself as a Christ-inspired example and promised to support someone you many never know personally as they grow in their faith and ultimately gain eternal life!

What an awesome honor. What a generous pledge.

So why would the Director of Stewardship be writing about the sacrament of baptism?

For the same reason I celebrate:

  • the 85 younger Disciples-in-Training (aka 3rd graders) who received their Bibles in April,
  • the 47 confirmands who became official members of our congregation in January, and
  • the 20 seniors who are graduating not only from high school but also from our dynamic Youth Ministries later this month!

I also celebrate members like Barry Hudson, Bobbye Jo Hudson, Kirk Millican, and Sheri Dewar who began their faith journey in front of the same communion rail and in the same way as Wynne, Jack, Penn, and Emma and who later stood in the same place as their parents holding their own babies for baptism.

I can also assure you that other lives — a 2nd grade Academy teacher, the adult chaperone for the high school mission trip, the choir member singing “Jesus Loves Me” prior to a baptism — have also been changed because of their interaction with one of our disciples-in-training!

What better way to show how your generosity is transforming lives?

I thank you for your intentional discipleship practice of giving which brings about a joyful awareness of Christ and the transformation of many who walk in the doors of First Church.

Together through Christ,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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