“Your Pandemic/post-Pandemic Self” Conversations with Rev(s) McDermott

It feels too soon, doesn’t it? And yet it also feels like we can’t wait any longer. We need to do something. Still, I’m thinking with singer/songwriter Ben Harper, “I believe there’s a better way.” I’m just not sure we’ve all had enough time to really think about what that better way might look like. It feels like that scene in Meet the Fockers, when the jailer tells Gregg, and his father and father-in-law, “Y’all are free to go.” And Gregg closes the jail cell and tells the guard, “We’re not done, yet.”

Join us this Sunday, May 3, along with Brad Thompson, some of the band, and singer/songwriter (The Voice finalist) Hannah Kirby!

Linda and I will continue our conversation about our “Pandemic/post-Pandemic Self.” There’s a great story about Jesus at a Fish Fry that we wanna look at; and I think you’ll agree, there’s something about that story that very few people notice. We’ll honor our High School  Seniors and their future as we contemplate our own and wrestle with some ideas Linda and I are finding a little uncomfortable.

But change often is, though. And, on the other side it can also be something new and unexpectedly inviting. AND, I just discovered Sunday will also be National Paranormal Day (a completely random piece of info you may not have known).

Abnormal, para-normal, super-normal? Let’s explore some curious and hope-filled ideas about what the very ground of our being is inviting us to be in this anything-but-normal time. I believe there’s a better way.

Maybe it’s time for a re-set.

We truly hope you are well. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And we so look forward to the time we are all back together!


Rev. Tom McDermott
Associate Pastor

Join us on Sunday morning, right here!


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