Creating Your Own Sacred Space . . . at Home

As I talk with so many families during this time, the number one thing you miss is people – being physically with friends, extended family, teachers, neighbors, their teams, their classes, their choirs.

Something else you miss are the places where we all gather together. We know God is with us everywhere. And yet, our places of worship are special. They are sacred spaces – set apart for a special purpose. Great care is taken through art, architecture, lighting, symbolism, music, and more to curate an environment where we can feel genuinely close to God.

During this time, one of the things we can do is create a special sacred space in your home. 

It could be a corner of a room or a place near a window that overlooks nature — that is a real plus. (Though preferably not a window that overlooks a street with cars going by frequently.)

You could even have an outdoor sacred space, though by mid-August, you may want to reconsider your options.

You could keep a children’s Bible as well as a big blanket to sit on.

A nature item – stone, plant, etc. – can represent God the Creator.

A cross – representing God the Son – can be made from sticks fastened with yarn. 

An LED candle can represent God the Holy Spirit.

A prayer cross, LED candle, and several treasures of nature are included in your Sacred Spaces Kit.

A more playful option, though no less prayerful, could be to use a very large cardboard box. The “ceiling” of the box could be decorated with different Bible stories, a la the Sistine Chapel.

Your sacred space can be a place where you always go for family prayers, to explore new Bible stories, or where you can go for some “alone time” with God. (Jesus did that a LOT.)

Download Creating a Sacred Space PDF About the Sacred Space Kit