How do we face a system?

By | Jun-12-2020 | eleven:eleven, Worship, Worship, Z - Front Page

This Sunday, I want to think with you about the crazy, fascinating, unbelievably huge reality of the systems we live in and the way we relate to, sustain, or change them. Once we’re willing to take a hard, clear look at them, we may discover the incredibly transformative and healing potential of small, intentional acts of humility, courage, and connection.


No where else to go

By | May-21-2020 | eleven:eleven, Z - Front Page

This Sunday, Linda and I continue our conversations with our new series, “Disruptions: Parables and Pandemics.” Parables are meant to awaken us, to open us up to new ways of seeing something, of relating to the world, to God, or to ourselves. What inspires you to think differently? Come to eleven:eleven and explore these ideas with us!


Your Pandemic / Post-Pandemic Self

By | May-07-2020 | eleven:eleven, Learn, Worship, Z - Front Page

On Sundays, at eleven:eleven downtown, Tom and I have been doing a lot of referencing to the concept of “Shalom”- most often translated as “peace,” but probably best understood as “peace, unity, wholeness of being, harmony.”  Shalom is what God wants for you and me and for all creation.I hope you can join us as Tom and I continue our conversations on “Your Pandemic / Post-Pandemic Self” this Sunday as we’re “gonna get down and dirty with the resurrection”


“Your Pandemic/post-Pandemic Self” Conversations with Rev(s) McDermott

By | Apr-30-2020 | eleven:eleven, Z - Front Page

Join us this Sunday, May 3, along with Brad Thompson, and singer/songwriter, Hannah Kirby! Linda and I continue our conversation about our “Pandemic/post-Pandemic Self.” Let’s explore some curious and hope-filled ideas about what the very ground of our being is inviting us to be in this anything but normal time. I believe there’s a better way. Maybe it’s time for a re-set.


Ctrl Alt Del – Maybe It’s Time for a Reset

By | Apr-22-2020 | eleven:eleven, Z - Front Page

My husband, Tom, and I are venturing into some new territory – dialogue sermons for the next few weeks during eleven:eleven. Essentially, talking together about what we’re thinking about talking about! It’s a little intimidating for me. But I’m willing to walk some new paths and hope you’ll be there with us as we explore what this time has to offer – as we explore this new series: Ctrl – Alt – Del (Your Pandemic/post-Pandemic Self). 


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