I Meant What I Said

By | Jan-20-2020 | eleven:eleven, Worship

How do you build a bridge from your heart to another’s heart, across your fear and through another’s? This is our conversation on Sunday. Let’s talk about building bridges and redemptive moments that remind us that the creative urge in all of us is really about connection.


let’s find a path for 2020, in eleven:eleven

By | Dec-31-2019 | eleven:eleven, Worship

So, it’s a New Year. 2020! The Internet is filled with New Year’s resolutions on how to get there – Ten Steps to a Better, Happier You, Five Way to Lose 5 lbs!, 100 Ways to Be More Creative. We love it when we can map it out – The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, The Eightfold Path, The Ten Commandments, the Four Spiritual Laws. Life is full of maps, guide books, steps, and techniques for living it better, for getting us where we want to go (or at least where we think we ought to be).


How You Look is Everything

By | Nov-14-2019 | eleven:eleven, Worship

We see things differently. That’s the truth of it. To some, a gold ring is just a ring, a formal symbol of a commitment to fidelity and marriage. To another, it’s a symbol of abiding love and unity that holds all things together, an inheritance of a history of love.


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