What’s Next?

By | Apr-03-2020 | eleven:eleven, Z - Front Page

There is an inescapable sense of anxiety right now. What are we in…Day 33 of Social Distancing? Over 21 days of “Shelter in place.” And for some of us, there’s even something called anticipatory grief – the change we fear may be coming. The grief over “what’s next?”


what are you hungry for?

By | Mar-02-2020 | eleven:eleven

Last Sunday, we began to look at ways of being in the world and being hungry. This Sunday, we’ll continue the journey as we explore the dark. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” But, what does light look like, in the dark?  


This Sunday, Elizabeth Wills joins us at the Historic 512!

By | Feb-27-2020 | eleven:eleven

I remember the first time I was awestruck by a sudden observation (or call it a question), that life – that living – was so much more than simply being entertained. This Sunday in eleven:eleven, we’ll explore the unique “I am” statements of Jesus – unique because they are only found in John’s gospel and because many scholars think Jesus never actually said them…


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