By September 20, 2018Youth Ministries

What is at the center of your life?

I have a wonderful wife — she is smart and funny and beautiful and she makes me a better person. I have a job that I love at a place that I love to work where I get to use my gifts and talents to do something that hopefully makes a difference. When I’m not at work, I get to spend time doing things I love. I have guitars I never thought I would own, gaming systems and a TV that get more use than they probably should, a wardrobe that isn’t built for Texas but that fits my style, a supportive and loving family and have had wonderful opportunities in my life that have set me up for success.

All these things are great. I have a great life and I’ve been really lucky. And for most of you that are reading this, you’ve been pretty lucky too. If I were to ask you what you valued most in your life — what was at the center of your life — you would have a lot of the same answers I have: your family, your job, your house, your car, your clothes, your shoes, your electronics, your friends, your social clubs, your teams, your church.

This week, our high schoolers are taking a break from our class curriculum and are starting a series on worship — what it is, how we do it, what it means for us.

So what is worship?

At its core, an act of worship is the act of putting something at the center of your life.

We can put so much at the center of our lives. Our family, our job, our stuff, our life, our church — and all those things are what make our lives great. But when those things become the only thing at the center of our lives, we feel like something’s missing.

Because something is missing.

When we don’t center our lives around our relationship with God — putting God at the center of all the other things that make our life great — everything else starts to fall apart. We argue more with our family. We bury ourselves in work to be able to afford more things, more experiences, more life. We go to church and go through the motions but we struggle to feel God’s presence in our lives anymore.

So this week we’re going to start talking about worship. We’re going to talk about what worship is and what it means for our relationship with God. We’re going to talk about all the other things that we get distracted by and can end up putting at the center of our life. We’re going to talk about different styles of worship, where certain traditions came from and what they mean for us today — and maybe most importantly, we are going to worship together and encourage one another to center our lives around God.

Matt Britt
Associate Director of Youth Ministries


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