Balcony Worship & Weekly Update: September 15

By September 14, 2016Youth Ministries

Kat BairBalcony Worship

I don’t know if you’ve noticed over the last few weeks, but there’s been a colonization happening in the West Balcony during the 11:00 am service. A settlement has popped up, claiming the territory for its own. They’ve established themselves with growing numbers and even recognition from the pulpit last week by Casey.

balcony-worshipThe colonizers? The Youth Ministries, of course! This fall, all of us over at the Justin have started a discipline of being in the West Balcony during the 11:00 am service every week. We believe that joining the whole congregation in corporate worship is a huge part of what it means for the youth to be a part of the FUMC Fort Worth family. We also recognize, as we’re launching the Healthy Plate Discipleship program this fall, that being in worship together is an indispensable piece of what builds us as followers of Jesus.

I personally love having the opportunity to worship with youth in this way. As we sit in service together, we are all being poured into and learning and resting together as well. It’s a beautiful reminder of our community and equal need for Christ. In this season of life, I’m working to minister to them, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are, firstly, brothers and sisters in Christ, and part of the same body.

We are so blessed to have this church family, and we hope Balcony Worship can be just one more way for the youth to be a part of it. So keep an eye on the West Balcony as our little settlement continues to grow, and maybe even join us sometime!


Weekly Update

This week at The Refuge:
Our Sunday night programming from 5:30 – 7:30 pm, (now called The Refuge), will be a little different every week. This week, we’ll be bringing Scripture to life in a big way by transforming the Justin and walking in the footsteps of the Israelites. It should be a unique experience and we hope you’ll join us!

Cornerstone Youth Choir:
In case you missed it last week, Youth Choir is starting back up for the fall! Meet in the Choir Room starting at 4:00 pm this Sunday with Erin Ypya! Rehearsal will go until 5:30 pm. Come hang out and sing with us!

Middle School Lock-In/Out:
October is right around the corner, which means it is almost time for our middle schoolers to come and rule the Justin for an evening. There will be food, worship, big games, and a couple of surprises outside of the Justin scattered throughout the night! Dates are below and sign-ups will be sent out soon. You don’t want to miss out!

Upcoming Dates:

  • October 1 – 2: Middle School Lock-In/Out
  • November 12 – 13: High School Retreat

Bring it Home!
Everything we do in the Justin is centered around practicing our faith, whether that is practicing it by playing, worshipping, serving, learning, giving, or praying. For the next six weeks, we’ll focus on one of these categories; we’ll start this week with worship. Worship is gathering together to glorify God. Our blog this week focused on worship by highlighting Balcony Worship, as a practice that reminds us of our community in this church and the Church Universal. Find a place and time (in the car, at dinner, during a Hulu commercial . . .) to briefly tell your teenager about how you like to worship, or about some of your most powerful worship experiences. Ask:

1. What’s your favorite thing about worship?
2. What are some of your favorite ways to worship?


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