Youth Sunday: Living Faith, Hope, and Love

Casey-for-staff-page-2-150x150This Sunday, the youth of our congregation will be leading us in worship at the 11:00 service in the sanctuary. They have prepared a worship experience around 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10. In this text, Paul is incredibly encouraging to the Thessalonians, affirming their work, effort, and perseverance. He acknowledges their lives as imitating the Lord and their hearts as accepting the message of the Holy Spirit.

Hearing this text, our youth wondered, What about the Thessalonian who doesn’t have it all figure out. Surely there’s somebody out of all of them who is lost and uncertain and feeling bad about him/herself! So from there, they decided they needed to create a worship service around the understanding that people are at all different places on their journey. No matter how certain or confident or faithful each person present feels, they wanted their congregation to hear that it’s okay to be where you are.

Our youth are incredibly wise and thoughtful and they truly do hope you are encouraged and inspired in worship this Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you!






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