Your Christian Response to Our Call for Action

Nancy FisherHurricane BucketsI love how our First Church community responds with unbounded generosity when an unimaginable crisis happens. Thank you for being another example of Christ’s love in the last five weeks with your generous gifts totaling $66,157 designated for Hurricane Relief and United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).

I can assure you that your gifts were put to use immediately. Within the first week of September, 150 flood buckets filled with much-needed supplies were purchased and assembled. The buckets were delivered by the end of that week.

Hurricane Response Team -917An Early Response Team of eight church volunteers under the direction of Rev. Chuck Graff and Rev. Phyllis Barren were deployed that week to the coast to provide loving assistance in the way of manpower and spiritual support. A shoutout of thanks to those brave souls who made that faith journey: Catherine Hollis, Michael Hollis, Jennifer Stephens, Scott Noble, Tolbert Greenwood, Katie Blake, Michelle Gann, and Kayla Harrington.

Approximately 50 percent of the fund has now been distributed to UMCOR to be utilized not only on the Texas Gulf Coast but also in Florida and Puerto Rico. Plus, a small amount will go toward relief needed for Mexico as a result of the recent earthquake.

The remaining funds will be dispersed over the next few months in the way of:

  • Additional deployments of disaster response teams and mission teams;
  • Providing assistance to hurricane victims who choose to resettle here in our community; and

It goes without saying that it will take months and perhaps years for the ravaged communities to recover. Your generosity, along with that of many others, makes it possible for FUMCFW and UMCOR to be there in the way of assistance for however long it takes.

Again, thank you for being a part of this lifesaving effort with your financial resources and prayers.

For the Love of Christ,



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