Celebrating Our Youngest Givers

Look what showed up in the offering plates this Sunday. I am so excited that our youngest members can experience the joy of giving to First Church in this special way!

Special thanks and kudos to the parents who use this special act of generosity as a teaching moment to reinforce and encourage your child in their faith journey.

As part of our Healthy Plate Discipleship, the practice of Giving is the commitment to put God first in all things. The habit of sacrificial giving of our money and resources allows us to trust God in deeper ways and to share our love with others.

This very special offering envelope will be found each week in their backpacks. There is a place for each young member’s name. My only request is that the name be legible if written by the youngster or that the parent also write the name a second time so that your child’s generosity can be tracked.

I am so excited and so appreciative!

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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