Yes, Choir

Mark BurrowsHi Choir Families.

I just wanted to let everyone know we will keep our regular routine for choirs.

I know many of you will be away for Spring Break. (Have fun and stay safe.)

For those of you who will be around, we need as many kiddos at practice as we can fit in the room.

Our musical will be here before you know it.

And speaking of musical . . .

Those of you with speaking parts — memorize.

Remember that you promised to have your part memorized by March 19. (There will be a quiz.)

And since you received special parts, you have an added responsibility to attend every rehearsal you possibly can.

The more hard work we do now, the more fun it will be later.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Summer JAM, June 12 – 15

Vacation Bible School, July 10 – 14

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