Wrestling in the Dark and Ending Up Hamstrung

Charme RobartsThe Old Testament story of Jacob wrestling in the night is full of intrigue and is the object of many interpretations. Who was the unnamed man who scuffled with Jacob all night before he crossed the river and went back to his home? Jacob had been away from home for about 20 years because of, you guessed it, a family feud. Can you ever really go home?

And then there is the part in the story where Jacob walks away limping. Not surprising, wrestling around all night long.

Interpreters talk about this story noting that it says Jacob wrestled with man (humankind) and God. Since many people think that we encounter God through our engagement with other humans, it seems like a good description to say that we find ourselves limping and hamstrung in the adventure of life. What should we say or not say, what should we do or not do in any given situation, and where does God fit in it all?

Join us for DiscipleChurch this Sunday and let’s explore these ideas together.



Jacob Wrestling with the Angel by Rembrandt


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