During Academy Time I’m usually having “Music with Mister Mark” time for all our first-floor friends.
Yesterday Cha-Cha took over that part so I could walk around and see the classes in action.

There is so much great faith development going on.
The Dig In! class was exploring the Creation in their typically scientific way, wondering why God created the plants on Day 3 and the sun on Day 4. What about photosynthesis?
The Visual Arts class was quietly (they’re always the quietest class) working on a Seven Days of Creation art installation.
High Five was in a deep discussion about similarities and differences, and their effects on peace.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg. What a day!

Reminder – This coming Sunday is the last day for our April Attendance Challenge.
(Not that you need much reminding! Attendance has been amazing.)

Happy Monday,

Mark Burrows
Director of Children’s Ministries


Oh – And if you can help out with Summer JAM or Summer Sunday school, please let us know (



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