Words of Wisdom for Your Pilgrimage of Peace

Len Delony1We had a good gathering around the labyrinth last Sunday afternoon in Wesley Hall. As we began, we considered distinctions between our ego stories and our soul stories, and intentionally made time to let the humble yet powerful “soul stories” be heard and honored. As people shared and listened deeply, the sense of sacred presence was profound.

Whether or not you were able to join us then, God calls you to join in the journey and become Pilgrims for Peace — wherever you may be . . .

Estrus Tucker gave us good, simple guidelines for the journey, and what I think of as a Compass of Questions for listening with ears of the heart.

To help “listen one another’s soul into life,” consider these guidelines as you move into your day . . . and carry them with you all along the way as you encounter fellow pilgrims . . .

Guidelines for Pilgrims for Peace:

1. Be Fully Present
2. Listen Wholeheartedly
3. Let Go of Judgements and Temptations to Fix
4. Speak Your Own Truth and Respect That of Others
5. Ask Open and Honest Questions

“Compass” of Focus Questions:

1. How have acts of
(love or peace or hospitality or forgiveness)
impacted you in a time of trauma or pain?

2. How might you be an instrument of
(love or peace or hospitality or forgiveness)
in a world wounded by hate and conflict?

The journey is long, but the moments of joy are deep and rich as we follow God’s way of wisdom and love . . .

I’ve posted it in the past, but here again is the distinction between ego stories and soul stories we reflected on Sunday. It is worth some time for prayerful pondering.

Grace and peace on your journey,



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