Each Word a Gift!

By August 5, 2015Sanctuary

Mike MarshallOne of my favorite phrases of the past year is this: “I’m eat up with the busy head!” I didn’t invent it, but I certainly embrace it . . . and technically it is not grammatically correct, but functionally it is perfect. I’m eat up with the busy head — I can’t make up my mind — I’m having trouble focusing — what choice should I make — what is the right thing for me to say or do. Sound familiar?

A number of our worship services this summer have used the letter to the Ephesians as the biblical backdrop. This Sunday, we have arrived at the end of chapter four. That’s where my “busy head” comes in, because these few verses contain at least a dozen phrases that would make perfect sermon titles. And when you look at more than one biblical translation, the list grows even larger!

Since simplicity is what I always need — I settled on this part of verse 29 from The Message: “Say only what helps, each word a gift.” If I keep this phrase in the forefront of my awareness, it’s possible that my busy head will subside . . . O Lord, let it be so. The following verse adds even more richness to consider and savor — Don’t grieve God. Don’t break God’s heart. The Holy Spirit, moving and breathing in you, is the most intimate (and creative) part of your life . . .  Don’t take such a gift for granted.

I invite you to join us this Sunday for one of our six worship services. Each one will be meditative and uplifting. If you choose one of the sanctuary services, I promise to tell you about a wonderful book that I just got my hands on . . . a book that is new and old at the same time. How’s that for a teaser?







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