Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way!

By August 16, 2016FMC Foundation

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“Not only was the Teacher wise, but also imparted knowledge to the people.” 

— Ecclesiastes 12:9

Did you know your Foundation can help you find a way when it comes to wills? I believe that many of us can use the guidance.

So often I see church members fall victim to having a family member pass away leaving an estate, possessions, accounts, real property, and more, with no will to guide those left behind. We may not realize that not having a will can cause headaches on top of heartaches for the surviving family.

The Foundation wanted to find a way to inform church members about estate planning tips and ways to ensure that their possessions are protected when they die. Doing so can help ease the tangled web of sorting through loved ones’ estates.

Photo in BlogEnter into the picture the Foundation’s August Lunch & Learn: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way. Last week, Kelly DeBerry, wife of Foundation Board Member Richard DeBerry, was our guest speaker. She offered a sensational learning experience. Kelly is a talented probate attorney who has helped the good folks of Fort Worth with their wills and estate planning for years. To say the least, the Foundation’s August Lunch & Learn was in great hands. We all increased our knowledge!

Why are wills and estate planning important, you may ask? Basically, as Kelly informed us, a will allows you to decide who takes care of your possessions after you pass away and to whom you will leave your assets. Your will is your final voice to your family and friends on how to sort through your possessions, actually providing comfort at a time of heartache.

Kelly made sure to cover all of the key points that go into the complicated process of estate planning to make it as easy as possible for us to understand about the value of:

  • Choosing an executor, establishing a line of succession, and determining if the executor will be independent or dependent as a representative for your estate
  • Double-checking beneficiaries of non-probate assets, such as retirement accounts
  • Determining if you need a trust and, if so, appointing a trustee
  • Selecting a guardian for minor children and outlining your wishes for them
  • Filling out and documenting the appropriate incapacity planning forms in case of emergency

I understand that sometimes the thought of estate planning can be overwhelming. It was remarkable how Kelly was able to break it down for everyone who attended our August Lunch & Learn.

If you were unable to come but have a need for or curiosity about wills and estate planning, please give the Foundation a call at 817-339-5089. We would be delighted to send you a copy of the information she provided. Everyone can and needs to benefit from this information — such important, imparted knowledge!

We all fare better when being prepared. Planning makes the passing of a family member as easy as possible on your surviving loved ones.



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