This will give you life.

Writing this email to you is my favorite part of the week. It continues our ongoing conversation of faith and life. It gives you and I a chance to check in on each other. It’s an excuse for me to reach out to you, and it’s a chance for you to talk back.

This conversation, this practice of inserting a moment of holy discussion into the workday jumped out at me this morning. As I sat at my computer with a cup of coffee, I read the following blog post from my friend Lyndsay. Lyndsay is currently on a World Race, an 11-month mission trip that sends her around the world in the name of loving Jesus. Her stories inspire and energize, and none are better than this post from Nepal.

Read Lyndsay’s post

We share stories like this because they give us life. Sitting in your cubicle or waiting in a client’s foyer, this story pours fresh air into your lungs. It puts hope in your heart and raises your eyes beyond the normal here-and-now. Stories like Lyndsay’s remind us that we’re living, writing our story day by day.

The next chapter of our story is written together in just over a week. Our next time for worship and gathering will be at the same time (Sunday, 5:00 – 6:00 pm) but in a different place (the FUMCFW Justin Building).

When we meet, fresh air will pour into our lungs, hope will fill our hearts, and our eyes will raise up to see God, here and now.

God bless!



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