In the long run, who we vote for may not be as important as who we are when we vote . . .

Len Delony1Earlier this week, as I watched the primary election returns for the Republican and Democratic parties, it made me think more than ever before, we need not a political “tea party” from the past, but a movement that emerges from the depths of our souls, and, as Abraham Lincoln put it, “the better angels of our nature.”

And as I think about the possibility of a movement of great depth and integrity, I think of Parker Palmer’s recent book, “Healing the Heart of Democracy.” I know I have mentioned this book before, but I truly think it might be one of the most important books ever written, especially as it speaks to this turbulent time when the leading democracy for the world seems to be having a nervous breakdown.

If I were to point to any one root cause of the anger, resentment, and cynicism of our time, I would say it is that most of us are suffering from “broken trust.”

And how to regain trust is at the very heart of Parker Palmer’s book. 

Coincidentally (or not), I also learned this week that Larry Grubb, Bronson Davis, Tom McDermott, Bill Lanford, and several others (all important leaders in our church and community) just started reading and discussing this book as a group. Ask one of them about it . . .

Also, coincidentally (or not), I just recently met with 20 leaders in the Fort Worth community for an all-day workshop entitled “Being/Building Bridges” that utilized some of the methods from “Healing the Heart of Democracy” to help rebuild trust throughout our community.

I am including a link and some handouts below from that event, and invite you to get curious:

How might we as a church help heal the heart of our church, our community, our country, and the whole world?

If we are followers of the One who shows us the way of compassion and the power of presence, then our own integrity, or “who we are when we vote” (and anything else we do), makes all the difference.

Grace and peace on the journey,



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