Who We Are In the Dark

Staff_Robarts, Charme A loud clap of thunder and the lights went out. Several people in the store shrieked and children started to cry.

Only a yellow-grey gleam from the windows near the front of the store provided guidance to navigate the aisles.

She stood still for a moment, remembering. Then she moved to the front toward the light.

Fairly soon the electricity burst back on; she finished her shopping then stood staring out the windows waiting for the rain to stop.

An ordinary story during these stormy spring days, but Sarah added a footnote. She said that her old self would have immediately started filling up her purse with items from the shelves when the lights went out. “But I didn’t,” she stated simply.

“How would you feel if I wrote about this story, would it seem like to you I was putting you on display?” I asked.

She narrowed her brown eyes and looked into the distance. “No, you should tell it; people need to know that people change.”

That internal struggle is common to us all. We struggle with all kinds of things for all kinds of reasons.

We’re in this together, more alike than different, making our way through life with our strengths and weaknesses.



The Community Advocate Office coordinates the joint efforts of church members and friends of the church to end homelessness. Life coaching, mentoring, social and educational activities, provide opportunities for people to lead fuller lives of sharing and caring for each other.


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