Where Will We Go, And What Will We Do?

By May 13, 2015News, Sanctuary

Andrew for staff page_temp Every Sunday our congregation is sent into the world with a question, “Where will we go, and what will we do?” And every Sunday it’s followed with, “We will go out to be God’s people in the world.” What an incredible challenge we are given every week and one that forces us to reflect on who we are and how we respond to the world the surrounds our lives. This challenge, this benediction, becomes the lens through which we craft our legacy, the legacy we leave behind as a person, as a generation, and as a church. Legacy is our theme for this year’s Youth Sunday.

Everyone leaves a legacy. It is inescapable. Someone always came before us and someone will always come after us. We live and breathe within the spheres of influence and impression of those who have come before us. In the same way what we do, who we are, how we interact with our environment will leave a lasting impression on those who come after us, for good or for bad.

Our scripture text for this week, Joshua 24:14-27, reminds us to be aware and intentional about the legacy we leave. The text reminds us that God moved and worked before us, God moves and works amongst us, and God will move and work after we depart. The choice we are faced with is in what way will we participate. Joshua’s challenge, “…choose today whom you will serve,” reaches through the pages of history into our lives and calls us to choose today whom we will serve. For the “gods” or God we serve determine the fabric of our lives, which in turn is revealed to others through word or action. Whom we choose to serve determines the legacy we leave.

May you begin to think about the legacy you are leaving as you worship on Youth Sunday and are led by the next generation. May you “…choose today whom you will serve,” and know that who you serve greatly impacts the legacy you leave. Where will you go and what will you do this week and in the weeks to come?

Grace and Peace,

Andrew Mochrie


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