When You’re Faced with Change

Dear friends,

When I think about facing change, I am always reminded of the 100-year-old woman who, when someone said, “I bet you’ve seen a lot of changes in your life,” she replied, “Yep, and I’ve been against every one of ‘em.”

This week, as we continue our Facing Life’s Storms churchwide fall worship series with, “When You’re Faced with Change,” we’ll be looking at this idea of change, particularly unwanted change, and the turmoil it can bring to our life.

When these unwelcome changes arrive in our lives, we can feel tossed, torn, and sometimes even devastated. And sometimes, even good changes can be pretty stormy, can’t they? Things like the birth of a child, a new home, even a new puppy can bring their share of chaos.

Change can be difficult. And for so many, Psalm 46, is a place to find comfort and strength in the face of change. It was from this psalm that I preached on the Sunday following 9/11. On a grand scale, you can say, along with many others, that “somehow everything changed on 9/11.”

And a lot did change, in terms of the psyche of the nation, the more pervasive nature of fear, and stepped up need for security. Changes in our lives, on the more intimate scale, can also throw us into something of an “altered state,” sometimes permanently.

One of the questions we must remember to ask ourselves is, “what is the same?” Even with major changes we face — times when you think everything has changed, there is likely much that hasn’t.

At these times it’s what remains that’s especially important.

So how do you find those things? How do you locate those important constants in your life, the things you can cling to in times of dramatic change?

I look forward to exploring these ideas for facing change with you this Sunday at First Church.

Grace and Peace,

Dr. Tim Bruster
Senior Pastor


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