What will make things better?

“Following me will not be easy,” Jesus tells us. “You will come face-to-face with the brokenness not only in the world, but in yourselves.”

But Jesus doesn’t leave us alone in that struggle.

“Sin” is a difficult concept, of course! People use it to judge, condemn, and clobber others, so most would rather just politely set the word and its baggage aside. But ignoring sin is like ignoring a toothache — unaddressed, things are going to get much worse.

In our series “Finally Something Real,” we’re talking specifically to people who consider themselves spiritual-but-not-religious, non-religious, or just over the whole “thing.” Every one of those people carries real pain and real regret in their lives. There is real brokenness causing real problems, and ignoring it or trying to self-medicate will only make things worse.

So what will make things better?

Join us at the Gathering for a message of healing for those who are looking for hope in something true, something powerful, and something real.

Bless y’all,


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