What is DiscipleChurch?

By May 16, 2014DiscipleChurch, Worship

page hinesWhat is Disciple Church?”

Rev. Page Hines


Did you know that there is a 3-hour worship service at FUMC?

Well, there is — and it’s called DiscipleChurch

With a foundational belief that worship is not just what happens on Sunday morning in a church, DiscipleChurch challenges us to live out a worshiping lifestyle throughout the week — and to return on Sunday overflowing with the assurance that God is present and active in our life and in the world.

The name, DiscipleChurch, grew out of a commitment to answer the call to become and to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world (the United Methodist Church’s mission statement). Because Disciple-making is grounded in love of neighbor, love of God, and love of self, our DiscipleChurch worship experience has three parts: breakfast and fellowship, proclamation of the Word and Holy Communion, and discussion and spiritual formation.

Breakfast and Fellowship (7:20 am in Wesley Hall)
It began with coffee and box of donuts

The DiscipleChurch breakfast started a few years ago with a small table on the sidewalk just outside the Chapel with coffee and a box of donuts. As most of us know, there are a substantial number of our neighbors who are homeless who live and sleep in the downtown area. Several of us who work and volunteer at the Mission know many of these neighbors from the Mission. As we would arrive early Sunday mornings for DiscipleChurch, we would see our friends packing up their belongings and walking across town. Out of a love of neighbor, we began to offer our friends coffee and a donut.

Word spread and our numbers began to grow, and as the weather got more difficult for those of us unaccustomed to its severity, we moved inside to the hallway just outside the Chapel. As we continued to grow, we moved to first to room 154 and then to our current location in Wesley Hall. While the food we share in this weekly breakfast offering is to satisfy an immediate need for something to fill our stomachs, the fellowship we share while we eat satisfies our need to express, in a tangible way, God’s love for each and every one of us! Through this breakfast we give voice to the Good News that we are all beloved children of God, loved and valued.

Proclamation of the Word and Holy Communion (8:30 am in the Chapel)
All are welcome at the Lord’s Table

With this bedrock of love of neighbor — and our commitment to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone, our DiscipleChurch worship experience is a definite fruit of the spirit. In the DiscipleChurch Worship Service that follows the breakfast, lead pastors Rev. Brooks Harrington and Rev. Page Hines, several retired and other active pastors, as well as by several lay members of this community offer proclamation of the Word with a diversity of voice and message that brings this congregation exciting opportunities to hear the Word anew. Holy Communion is a primary part of every Sunday’s service in the Chapel. Gathering as neighbors, friends and family — just as Jesus gathered with his disciples, we share this bread and cup with everyone who comes to the Lord’s Table in remembrance of the mighty acts of God in Jesus Christ.

Discussion and spiritual formation (9:30 am in the Foundation building)
How will we live out a worshiping lifestyle?

Our discussion and formation time is lay led and provides an opportunity to discern how God is speaking to you through all of the parts of each worship service. It is also an opportunity to discern some of the many ways God is calling you to live out your worshiping lifestyle every day.

Everyone is invited and welcome to one, two, or all three parts of DiscipleChurch worship. We hope to see you Sunday!


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