What Brings So Many to the Gathering?

By January 19, 2017The Gathering

Gathering Screenshot“It is casual. It is modern. It is warm. But above all, it is a place of learning about The Lord. And that is what I love.”

 — Haley Manulik

The Gathering, a totally different First Church Sunday morning offering led by Rev. Lance Marshall, offers a casual and relevant opportunity for prayer, study, topical exploration, and high-spirited connection free from typical worship or Sunday School structures. This opportunity that Lance describes as “radically relevant, modern Methodism” is growing fast with record attendance of more than 150 people the past two Sundays. What is it that makes The Gathering so unique? Here’s what regular attendee Haley Manulik had to say about it:

haley-manulikI love to learn. In fact, I yearn for it. Especially at church. I find myself wanting to know more and more about our Creator — about His sacrifice and love for all people. About the miracles He performed and is performing. About how to live my life to glorify Him and spread His love. About how to be a “little Christ.” I love learning it all. I want to be taught the depths of the Bible. I don’t want to skim the surface anymore, which is what brought me to The Gathering. Lance digs deep. Teaching is such a gift, isn’t it? A good teacher challenges us and makes us grow. A good teacher wants us to learn because they, themselves, have a passion for whatever they are teaching. We’ve all had that teacher that we connected with at one point or another. For me, in my current faith journey, Lance is that teacher. He makes us think about how to be a Christian always, not just on Sunday mornings. He is eager to teach and people are drawn to him. Lance has a passion for Christ so teaching about Him comes easily. The Gathering is simply a comfortable space for that teaching to take place. It is casual. It is modern. It is warm. But above all, it is a place of learning about The Lord. And that is what I love.

Come check out The Gathering on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am in Wesley Hall to see where it can take you in your faith journey.


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