We’re Still With You

Hi everyone.

In this strange and frightening time we’re in — and the one thing we need is the presence of one another — it’s the thing we can’t have. It’s heartbreaking and unreal and depressing and scary.

So here’s what I want you to know.

Your church is here for you. We’re still working to bring you God’s love, comfort, strength and inspiration, and we’re always available to you – just a phone call or email or text message away. (Here’s my personal phone cell number: 817-715-1944.) If you need anything — I’m serious — please call me.

Please know that you’re not alone in this. God is with you, your First Church family is with you. If I could see you right now, I’d give you a big hug and tell you how much I love you — and how much your church cares about you during this time. (I know virtual hugs are just not the same, but here’s one anyway!)

Another thing. Especially right now I think we all need to feel the presence of God, any time of the day or night when our mind starts whirling and fear threatens to take over. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is the devotional guide that stays on my nightstand. I read it every single day. It is so meaningful and inspiring, especially right now, because it’s written in first person — and it feels like God is speaking directly to me, reassuring me, calming and comforting me.

During this time we do have a unique opportunity to be the church for one another in new ways. Please use this opportunity to reach out by phone to anyone you know who may be feeling lonely and afraid — regardless of what you say, what you talk about, or how long you talk, know that with this specific intent behind your call, your voice will carry the love of God and the peace of Christ to them.

Grace, Peace & Joy,
Rev. Phyllis Barren
Associate Pastor of Congregational Care & Senior Adults

Don’t forget you can join us in worship online every Sunday at www.fumcfw.org/live!


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