We’ll Leave the Light On

Nancy Fisher

“Jesus spoke to the people again, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me won’t walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”   John 8:12

“We’ll leave the light on for you” is an iconic tag line that began running in 1986 for the Motel 6 hotel chain. The campaign itself won numerous national and international awards, and was selected by Advertising Age magazine as one of the Top 100 Advertising Campaigns of the Twentieth Century.

Well, thanks to the generosity of you and your fellow congregants, FUMCFW can say the same thing – We’ll Leave the Lights on for You! (However, let me assure you that we aren’t leaving the actual lights on 24/7. That would be expensive!)

I know that the idea of having your annual gifts going in part toward the payment of our monthly electric bill may not sound all that exciting or impactful, but trust me, it is! Common sense tells us that in order to operate our church on a daily basis, we look to you for help.

By keeping our lights on, we are carrying out our mission to Love God, Serve People, and Transform lives. This last Sunday, thanks to your generosity, we turned the lights on to host:

  • 86 in transition who came for breakfast and assurance of God’s love
  • 40 with hearts for service who came for DiscipleChurch
  • 291 who worshipped in 9:30 Traditional Service and 376 in 11:00 Traditional Service
  • 207 who worshipped and learned in the 9:30 Gathering and 72 in the 11:00 Gathering
  • 122 who worshipped and celebrated community in 11:11; and
  • 65 youth and their parents over in the Justin Building
  • 137 children and teachers in the children’s’ wing.

As all this was going on, our Media Ministries used that same electricity to send three of our services out via live stream onto the worldwide web. And, before the lights were turned off after another active First Church Sunday morning, a New Members Luncheon was hosted by our Hospitality team for 13 new members who came to learn more about how they can get involved in our church. Come September 10th, the Justin Building will be also light up the evening for our youth who will be returning for evening choir practice and The Refuge.

During the week, FUMCFW hosts a variety of Bible study groups, fellowship opportunities in the way of yoga classes, drumming, United Methodist Women gatherings, educational sessions relating to Alzheimer’s and Dementia awareness and education, game time for our Senior members, and much, much more. And of course, your gifts are also keeping the lights on to touch hundreds more lives of all ages through our FUMC Day School, Methodist Justice Ministry, and First Street Methodist Mission, all of whom operate alongside our church by sharing our space and administrative support. There are also countless other one-on-one ministries touching lives in important ways on a day-to-day basis by our clergy and church staff.

So when you stop and think about it, your 2017 financial commitment of support which helps “just” keep the lights on is fulfilling your role as a Disciple by bringing the Light of the World to all who enter our FUMCFW doors! Now that is impactful!




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