Welcome to Erin Ypya, Our New Youth Choir Director!

Robert StovallIf you have ever had an opportunity to interview someone for a position, you will know exactly what I am talking about when I say, “She has the IT factor!” For years, interviewing potential candidates for a position was part of my job. As a Director of Fine Arts for two school districts, many days were filled with talking with people and trying to learn as much as I could about them to see if they were a fit for the available position, find their strengths, and recognize their weaknesses. Not often did someone present themselves with a genuine “IT” factor. When they did, I knew this was the exact person for the position.

Erin YpyaAs of August 10, Erin Ypya is a part-time staff member of our Music & Worship Arts department. Erin is our new Youth Choir Director. Her specialties are her genuine love for students, creating relationships, and innovative approaches to capturing the spirit of singing. Erin is also the Middle School Choir Director at Fort Worth Country Day School. As many of you know, I was the Director of Fine Arts at FWCD before coming to FUMCFW. I had the honor of interviewing Erin for a position at the school. It was in that interview that I quickly discovered Erin had the “IT” factor. In this case, the “IT” was the ability to show her passion and love for children and singing.

When the position for our Youth Choir Director became available, I immediately thought of Erin. We brought her here to interview and, just as I anticipated, all who were involved in that process saw the “IT” factor immediately. Erin’s involvement in church is a very important part of her life. She is full of love, has a genuine interest in children, and possesses a willingness to work with them in both their church youth program as well as youth choir. Erin’s relationship has already begun with our Youth Ministries. She is involved with the youth in their current activities and anticipates continuing this path. Erin will begin her ministry here as youth choir director with many creative ideas, and a never-ending amount of “IT.”

We welcome Erin to our music and youth programs with open arms and unending support. You will see Erin each Sunday as she and her husband, Josh, will be a part of our Choral Union. Of course, we will also have our Youth Choir, under her direction, sing periodically throughout the upcoming school year for our Sunday worship services. It is then that you will recognize the “IT” factor she brings to FUMCFW.


Robert Stovall
Director of Music & Worship Arts


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