Welcome Don Lee!

By May 29, 2015News

Don Lee

We extend a warm First Church welcome to Don Lee, who joins our church staff June 1 as our new Manager of Security. Don, who previously worked at Broadway Baptist Church as its Director of Security for nearly 14 years, says he is excited about his transition to this new role in helping guide and direct the security of our church. In addition to serving as our weekday onsite security, Don will serve on our newly formed Hospitality Safety and Security Committee to help guide its security planning and assist with training volunteers to assist with Sunday morning security. Don will be on duty here each week, Monday – Thursday from 7:30 am – 4:00 pm and 7:30 – 12:30 pm on Sundays. He will also be tasked with scheduling any additional security coverage needed on his days off and evenings.

Don says what he enjoys most about his work is the interaction he gets to have with all kinds of different people — getting to know them and helping them out however he can while still holding the line in terms of compliance with rules, regulations and policies. “You can be nice and compassionate and helpful,” he says, “and still be as firm as you need to be.”

And, in even the most challenging situations he faces, Don says that he has found that kindness and follow-through are key to establishing himself as a protector of our church who is also looking out for all the people who enter our doors. “Once people know me, they know they can trust me to be fair — and when I say I’ll do something, I’ll do it,” he adds.

As an ex-military, ex-border patrol officer, Don says the difference between what he does now as a church security officer and the more hands-on law enforcement he has done in the past is that “this is the Lord’s work — much more about compassion and helping all kinds of different people.” Expressing gratitude and appreciation for his time at Broadway Baptist Church, Don says that he views joining our staff as a new blessing and a challenge he gladly embraces as the next step on his professional and personal journey. “The Lord has opened this door for me,” he says, “how could I not go through it?”


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