Welcome Back, Tim!

By February 27, 2015News

This week we welcome back to the pulpit our own Dr. Tim Bruster from his recent featured presentations at Boston Avenue United Methodist Church in Tulsa, OK in its prestigious annual Barton-Clinton-Gordey-Series. Despite iffy weather, attendance at Dr. Bruster’s Fruitful Life lecture series grew steadily over its three-day, four lecture run, culminating of attendance near 200 and a standing ovation on Tuesday evening in the historic Boston Avenue sanctuary. “In all my years of ministry, that’s never happened to me before,” he remarked, still incredulous two days later, “I didn’t even know that could happen!”

Usually held during the first weekend of Lent, the Barton-Clinton-Gordey Series features a distinguished religious speaker or scholar delivering four of his or her very best sermons. Over the years, the Series has featured a variety of outstanding speakers, including bishops, professors, Christian pastors, and Jewish rabbis.

In a lengthy and glowing article published in Boston Avenue’s Newspaper leading up to the series, Dr. Bruster was identified as Senior Pastor at First United Methodist Church 
in Fort Worth, Texas and “one of American’s greatest preachers.” When asked about the subject he chose to address, “fruit of the spirit,” as identified by the apostle Paul, Dr. Bruster explained, “I wanted all four presentations to be connected, and the “fruit of the spirit” covers a lot of ground in terms of who the Holy Spirit empowers us to be.”

Dr. Bruster’s Sunday morning presentation was entitled, “A Life of Love, Joy and Peace.” On Sunday evening, he presented “A Life of Patience and Kindness.” Monday and Tuesday presentations were, “A Life of Generosity and Faithfulness” and “A Life of Gentleness and Self Control.” Click here to access his Sunday Morning Sermon, and as the rest of the Fruitful Life series recordings become available, we will post them to our website! Well done, Tim!


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