Do you see yourself?

By | Jun-29-2021 |

Please view these construction fence banners, and let us know if it’s not OK for you or your children to appear in these ministry photos by July 14.


Wesleyan Adventurers Luncheon

By | Jun-10-2021 |

This week our Wesleyan Adventurers met in person for the first time in more than a year to enjoy lunch, meet new members, and reconnect with old friends.


One Grand Night

By | May-17-2021 |

Join us for “One Grand Night,” a fundraising event benefiting Spectrum Chamber Music Society, on Thursday, May 27 starting at 7:00 pm, in-person in our beautiful and historic


Being “Taken Over”

By | May-06-2021 |

A lot of people, particularly a lot of Christians, believe that rescuing poor children from abuse and neglect is a wonderful, Godly goal. But trying to do it day to day for years is… beyond hard.


Tim’s Renewal Leave

By | May-06-2021 |

Recognizing that clergy renewal is vital not only for clergy but for the congregation as well, the Staff Parish Relations Committee put in place in the summer of 2003 a renewal leave policy that allows the Senior Pastor a renewal leave every five years.


Sacred Reflections

By | Apr-29-2021 |

New FUMCFW Director of Music and Worship Arts, Thomas Williams, reflects on what makes worship sacred — and the underlying resonance tucked into our worship traditions.


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