Wrap Your Day in Prayer

By | Sep-04-2020 |

We are changing things up with our FUMCFW Nightly Prayer Room. We welcome everyone to join our new, online community prayer group, Pray With Us Tonight.


The Awakening of “Zen Len”

By | Aug-19-2020 |

Want to know a little bit more about First Church’s own “Zen Len?” His experience as a young cancer patient and survivor, falling in love with nature, and contemplative practices led to his call to ministry.


Did you hear the bells?

By | Aug-06-2020 |

As part of Sister Cities International’s citywide Ringing for Peace event this past Wednesday at 6:15 pm FUMCFW became part of this symbolic gesture of peace between nations — and one another. Here’s more about this message of hope and remembrance and our place in it.


Practicing Prayerful Presence with Dr. Len Delony

By | Jun-29-2020 |

Join Len and others in this journey of prayerful, holy, mystery, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30 am, come when you can, and as you are, as we intentionally open grace-space to listen with “ears of the heart,” to discover God’s Indwelling Spirit and the deep Wisdom of our Holy Counsellor.


Creating Sacred Spaces

By | Jun-22-2020 |

Introducing a new summer venture from our FUMCFW Children’s Ministry – Sacred Spaces at home. Last week, our Children’s team safely distributed well over 100 sacred spaces boxes to our First Church kiddos. Each simple brown box contains a few special treasures designed to help your children curate their own, unique, sacred spaces.


Healthy Plate Goes Digital

By | May-19-2020 |

In times like these, it is crucial to maintain some kind of “north star” for your life ­– a lighthouse, a beacon that helps hold you steady when the seas of uncertainty get rough. Our Healthy Plate Discipleship, Digital Edition, is now available to you online, whenever and wherever you need help staying on your course, steady in your faith, and growing as a disciple of Jesus.


Hymn-a-Day May

By | May-12-2020 |

Peggy Graff says that the idea for doing her “Hymn a Day May” daily music offering came to her shortly after she invited our beloved 11:11 band cellist Dace Sultanov to play for a Sanctuary worship service where the two of them played several pieces—prior to the service, then prelude, offertory, and special music.


Daily Bread

By | May-12-2020 |

Start your day with this joint devotional opportunity from Dr. Tim Bruster, Senior Pastor and our FUMCFW Music Ministry featuring Hymn-a-Day May selections from Peggy Graff, Associate Director of Music and Worship Arts, arriving in your inbox each morning at 7:00 am.


Class of 2020

By | May-01-2020 |

Join us THIS Sunday at 11:00 am in our online Sanctuary worship to help wish our First Church Senior Class of 2020 all the best on their next grand adventure! Congratulations, Class of 2020, and thank you for all the inspiring moments and sweet memories you have provided for your church family.


What if We Don’t Feel Like “Hallelujah?”

By | Apr-10-2020 |

Take a moment now to enjoy how the multifaceted magic of Hans Grim brings Bill’s 2006 inspiration back to the forefront with special and powerful impact for this difficult time — and feel the hope that lies just beneath despair and the joy we can find even amidst our sadness and fear.


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