I Saw God Today: Faith, Part II — Community That Transcends

By | Mar-18-2021 |

Calling this past month “a blur,” Jennifer Bond, Youth Parent Leader and active church member says that one thing she know for sure about faith is that God showed up in FUMCFW youth ministries, the funeral and celebration of Chris Vardy, and so many other places that youth and their families were this week. 


I Saw God Today — Stories

By | Mar-04-2021 |

I attended a funeral recently of someone great. Not great in the “mighty,” “powerful,” “famous,” or “legendary” sense, although I know he was most likely some of all of that.


I Saw God Today: Hope

By | Feb-25-2021 |

What do you do in times of darkness, when even the idea of hope has become elusive? What does hope look like to you? How do you know it when you see or feel it?


I Saw God Today

By | Feb-19-2021 |

With a nod to the familiar turn of phrase that also became the title of George Strait’s 2008 hit, this brand-new weekly column will feature stories of the Grace, Faith, and Transformation to be found in the love of God through Jesus Christ in the First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth faith community.


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