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Rev. Linda McDermott — I’ll ‘Carpe Diem’ Tomorrow
Other Sunday Morning Offerings

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Opening Day of General Conference
For Alexei: Always Loved, Never Lost
Defining the CCMs of First Church
Survey Says . . .
Part-Time Employment Opportunity: Security Officer

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Wesleyan Adventurers Day Trip to Chandor Gardens
Women’s Wednesday Morning Study Group
Pastor’s Bible Study


Mission Day Camp
Vacation Bible School

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Great Day of Service
Room in the Inn Volunteer Training
May Mission Sundays: Sheets & Towels


Alexei Sultanov Tribute Concert
Singing Women of First Church


Youth Sunday
2016 Summer Mission Trip
Rising 7th-Grader Summer Mission Blitz
Camp Barnabas

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Traditional Worship | 9:30 & 11:00 am | Sanctuary | Rev. Linda McDermott

DiscipleChurch | 7:20 am | Community Breakfast | Wesley Hall
8:30 am | Chapel | Rev. Lance Marshall
9:30 am | Discussion Groups

Chapel Communion | 10:35 am | Chapel | Dr. Len Delony 

nine:thirty-nine | eleven:eleven celebration | 9:39 & 11:11 am | Wesley Hall | Rev. Tom McDermott

Click here to view and download PDFs of our worship bulletins, posted weekly as soon as details are finalized!

Linda McDermott2“I’ll ‘Carpe Diem’ Tomorrow”

Rev. Linda McDermott

Luke 11:1-10

I have been a longtime fan of the cartoon strip, “Calvin and Hobbes.” Often, I have been impressed by both the wit and the wisdom of this little boy and his pet tiger. Recently I found this conversation between the two main characters that perfectly captured my orientation to being creative. Calvin said, “You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood,” to which Hobbes asked, “What mood is that?” Calvin replied, “Last-minute panic.”

This Sunday is a very important day in the life of the church — Pentecost. As we listen to a dramatic reading of Acts 2, we will remember the Holy Spirit descending on the followers of Jesus; a “mighty wind” empowering them to be the church, the Body of Christ in the world. But we, too, are recipients of that same power today — the power to be the Body of Christ in our own world, in our own lives. In other words, we are invited and empowered to co-create the Kingdom of God — the kind of kingdom Jesus showed us, taught us, and lived.

Our scripture reading is from Luke 11 — the persistent neighbor. As I thought about persistence in the ways we can co-create with God, in the ways in which we invest our lives, I began to feel inklings of guilt. What was I doing with my everyday life? How was I being creative with all that God has given me? I was so engrossed in these thoughts that I began to feel not only guilty, but overwhelmed! So I took a nap and decided I’d think more about that tomorrow.

Now it’s tomorrow — or, to be honest, the tomorrow after tomorrow — and I’ve got to get this blog written and then the sermons finished. “Carpe diem,” I said aloud as I got started this morning . . . and yesterday morning . . . and the day before that.

Mary Oliver once asked, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” God gives us life, invites us to participate in co-creating life and God’s kingdom around us, and empowers us to do it. And what do we do? We act as if it’s some far-off, lofty notion when, in fact, it’s a choice we make in every moment of every day. What keeps us from “gettin’ going?!”

So this Sunday let’s look together at the small yet significant ways we are co-creating with the Creator and Creating God. Let’s explore the power God gives us to be the Body of Christ in our own world. And in our exploring, perhaps we might begin to feel a slight breeze. . .

Rev. Linda McDermott,
Senior Associate Pastor & Associate Pastor of Worship

 Other Sunday Morning Offerings

The Gathering | 9:30 am | Room 350 | Rev. Lance Marshall

This new and different First Church Sunday morning offering led by Rev. Lance Marshall offers a casual and relevant opportunity for prayer, study, topical exploration, and high-spirited connection free from typical worship or Sunday School structures.

nine:thirty-nine celebration | 9:39 am | Wesley Hall | Rev. Tom McDermott

This engaging experience of laughter, storytelling, and message, infused with the music of Elizabeth Wills, Brad Thompson, and the Revolution Band, offers a nontraditional, unorthodox, and transformative 50-minute worship experience. If you’re ready to “reconnect your spirit without disconnecting your mind,” join us Sunday mornings at 9:39 or 11:11 am in Wesley Hall. Discover new insights into radical community, the universal love of God, and living for the healing and transformation of our world. Come casual, bring your family, and join the celebration!

Connections | 10:30 – 11:00 am & noon – 12:30 pm | Garden & Wesley Hall

Each Sunday, Wesley Hall will be set up and ready to offer members, visitors, and guests from all our different Sunday morning worship and study opportunities a chance to visit, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a Sunday morning treat.

Teachers & Topics Web HeaderClick here to see classes meeting this Sunday, May 15

Every Sunday morning, groups of adults meet in FUMCFW Sunday School classes to enhance their spiritual growth and enjoy fellowship with other Christians. We have classes for a variety of demographic groups, with many different class personalities and styles.

Visit the Adult Sunday School page to learn more!

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staff_Roger Partridge_150Faith In Action: Your Monthly Giving Plan

Roger Partridge

I heard an interesting presentation on stewardship by a United Methodist clergy a couple of weeks ago that really affirmed my belief about giving 10 percent (a tithe) of my income to the church. This presentation also got me thinking about how to help others discover how establishing a giving plan can enhance our experience of faith and commitment to God. Years ago, I remember thinking that my wife and I would never be able to give 10 percent of our income to the church, but through the years we have steadily increased our giving percentage to get there — and to discover the true difference it has made in our hearts. Click here to continue reading.

Click here to read more posts from Roger

Lisa HelmThe Legacy That Is UMW

Lisa Helm

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”

Shannon L. Alder

At the UMW closing meeting in our beautiful Garden, I listened as Rev. Phyllis Barren paid tribute to Betty Kelly, Judith Lokey, Mildred Sutter, Elaine Jutson, Nelda Gathings, Nadine Hester, Wanda Martin, Bernice Davis, and Mary “Betty” AdamsClick here to continue reading.

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Charme RobartsWe Consider Church Starting Right Now

Charme Robarts

It’s 7:15 on Sunday morning in Wesley Hall. Around 15 people have brought food from their homes and have set it out on long serving tables. Breakfast casserole, biscuits, gravy, sausage, fruit, and various other tasty items are offered up to the guests, a group of 80 – 100 people who live on the streets.

The room fills up with people and their backpacks. A few have their bedrolls with them. They make their way to the round tables to wait a short time to be invited to get in the food line. One of the group leaders welcomes everyone with a clear and cheerful hello. Click here to continue reading.

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Nancy Froman_150Summer Room in the Inn Ministry

Rev. Nancy Froman

Room in the Inn (RITI) is a life-changing ministry for both our guests and our volunteers. RITI is more than just a hot meal, a hot shower, and clean sheets for our unsheltered guests — although those things are pretty awesome when you have no home. RITI is a place of friendship and belonging — a heartwarming and soul-warming time for our guests and FUMCFW volunteers to spend together. We serve lots of home-cooked meals, but we also offer a listening ear and some shared laughter which is soothing to those who are facing the challenges of being homeless. Click here to continue reading.

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Staff_Burrows, MarkSummer Help

Mark Burrows

Before the weekend gets here, I wanted to put out another plea for summer help.

Children’s Ministry does NOT take a break during the summer.

We still need some Day Camp help . . . even if you can only do one day (June 13 – 17).

And below is our summer schedule. Click here to continue reading.

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Staff_McDermott, Tom

The Unraveling — Big Fun this Sunday

Rev. Tom McDermott

“God’s spirit beckons. There are things to do and places to go! This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave-tending life. It’s adventurously expectant, greeting God with a childlike ‘what’s next?” (John 8, from The Message)

Elizabeth Gilbert, in her book “Big Magic,” speaks of the boldness of trust and play that is our creative inheritance in all moments. Click here to continue reading.

Click here to read more posts from Tom

Chuck GraffNew Medical Personnel Serving Opportunity

Rev. Chuck Graff

Our Mission Teams Council is exploring an October 2016 Medical Mission Trip to Panama (in collaboration with First UMC Hurst), along with a future new medical team serving in Costa Rica. Nita Turpin, representing Panama Missions Journeys, will be sharing information with everyone interested this Sunday, May 15, at 12:00 pm in Room 154. Everyone interested is invited to attend. We also still have one opening available for the Costa Rica Mission Trip from July 1 – 11.

This Saturday, we are going to Glen Lake Camp to build two or more new picnic tables, paint a cabin, and put new stain on their gazebo. Click here to continue reading.

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Len Delony1Fort Worth Blue Zones and New Ways of Living Well

Dr. Len Delony

Last week Dr. Bruster finished a wonderful sermon series titled, “Five Essentials for Living Well.” But that was not just a conclusion, for it is about a new beginning and a powerful, personal invitation to us all . . .

At the top of the “Five Essentials for Living Well” list is the greatest commandment: to Love God with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our mind. Click here to continue reading.

Click here to read more posts from Len

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Wyatt Blair, Ainsley Bond, Sam Bonifacio, Brant Brewer, Brock Brewer, Connor Bruce, William Bruce, Evan Bumgardner, Riley Cabe, Hannah Campbell, Jackson Cobb, Reed Dickson, Allison Fletcher, Gray Gordon, Wesley Hahnfeld, Savannah Hardt, Ryan Harper, Owen Harvey, Jake Hegi, Anna Hooton, Evan Howell, Savannah Kennedy, Shane Kennedy, Emily Krotz, Brett Lindstom, Carson Magryta, Katherine Martin, Ellen Matt, Benjamin Moon, Jack Nowlin, Tatum Parker, Eva Reese, Hunter Reeves, Tyler Reeves, Bridgette Riddle, Lily Senter, Jake Severance, Cash Stephens, Brady Stroud, McKenna Swearingen, Matthew Thurman, Carson Toulouse, Kate Toulouse, Andy Van Meter, Hope Velayos, Matthew Wall, Julia Weeks, & Luke Wroten


5.12.16 New Member


5.12.16 Baptism


Tyler McGuire


Barbara McWhirter
William D. Wallace

Upcoming Events Web HeaderClick here to see a list of upcoming programs and events.

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Tim BrusterOpening Day of General Conference

Wednesday, May 11

Dear Friends,

As I write this, it is late evening after a full day at the General Conference in Portland, Oregon. The conference opened yesterday with a powerful and moving service of worship and Holy Communion, reminding us of the life-changing ministries of The United Methodist Church throughout the world. I encourage you to watch the opening worship service.

I rarely pull my phone out and video anything during a service of worship, but I couldn’t resist because I wanted to share this beautiful moment of pure joy in worship with you:

This morning Bishop Greg Palmer gave a powerfully moving and challenging episcopal address that beautifully set the tone for our work in the 2016 General Conference. Please take the time to watch and listen to his address. You will find it time well spent as it reminds us as a congregation and a denomination of the importance of our ministries to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world — the mission of The United Methodist Church.

Bishop Palmer reminded us of the part of “The Book of Discipline” (paragraphs 120-122) which states our mission, the rationale of our mission, and the process by which we carry out our mission as a denomination and in our local churches and ministries. The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, and the most significant arena for the carrying out of that mission is the local church.

I’ll share more with you in my next blog post from General Conference about the rationale for our mission and the process for carrying out our mission. Both are important as we get very clear about who we are and what we do as the people called Methodist.

We organized our legislative committees and elected our committee chairs today and will get down to that committee work tomorrow morning.

Please continue to hold the General Conference in your prayers.

GC2016 Update: How We Make Disciples

Thursday, May 12

Dear Friends,

I am writing this blog post late on Thursday evening after a long day of work. In my last blog post, I shared with you that Bishop Palmer, in his episcopal address, reminded us of the part of “The Book of Discipline” (paragraphs 120-122) which states our mission, the rationale of our mission, and the process by which we carry out our mission as a denomination and in our local churches and ministries. In this post from General Conference, I want to share that part of the “The Book of Discipline” with you because it helps us remained focused on who we are and what we do as the people called Methodist. As you read these words, I invite you to read them slowly, thoughtfully, and prayerfully. As you read them, think about the issues and needs we face in our community, our state, our nation, and our world:

The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by proclaiming the good news of God’s grace and by exemplifying Jesus’ command to love God and neighbor, thus seeking the fulfillment of God’s reign and realm in the world. The fulfillment of God’s reign and realm in the world is the vision Scripture holds before us. The United Methodist Church affirms that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Savior of the world, and the Lord of all. As we make disciples, we respect persons of all religious faiths and we defend religious freedom for all persons. Jesus’ words in Matthew provide the Church with our mission: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you” (28:19-20), and “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind . . . And you shall love your neighbor as yourself” (22:37, 39).

This mission is our grace-filled response to the Reign of God in the world announced by Jesus. God’s grace is active everywhere, at all times, carrying out this purpose as revealed in the Bible. It is expressed in God’s covenant with Abraham and Sarah, in the Exodus of Israel from Egypt, and in the ministry of the prophets. It is fully embodied in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is experienced in the ongoing creation of a new people by the Holy Spirit.

John Wesley, Philip Otterbein, Jacob Albright, and our other spiritual forebears understood this mission in this way. Whenever United Methodism has had a clear sense of mission, God has used our Church to save persons, heal relationships, transform social structures, and spread scriptural holiness, thereby changing the world. In order to be truly alive, we embrace Jesus’ mandate to love God and to love our neighbor and to make disciples of all peoples.

And then there is the process of making disciples:

We make disciples as we:

• Proclaim the gospel, seek, welcome, and gather persons into the body of Christ;
• Lead persons to commit their lives to God through baptism by water and the spirit and profession of faith in Jesus Christ;
• Nurture persons in Christian living through worship, the sacraments, spiritual disciplines, and other means of grace, such as Wesley’s Christian conferencing;
• Send persons into the world to live lovingly and justly as servants of Christ by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, caring for the stranger, freeing the oppressed, being and becoming a compassionate, caring presence, and working to develop social structures that are consistent with the gospel; and
• Continue the mission of seeking, welcoming, and gathering persons into the community of the body of Christ.

We began our legislative committee work this morning. There are 11 legislative committees and each one is working on an aspect of the life of the church. The committees will work through Saturday and the plenary sessions of the Conference will act on what comes out of the committees next week.

Please continue to hold the General Conference in your prayers.

More later . . .

Grace and Peace,




Dr. Tim Bruster,
Senior Pastor

What can you do? During the conference, you can:

939 111 The Unraveling_HS

The Unraveling — A Path to the Creative Life

Sunday, May 15

Featuring Pulitzer Prize-Winning Artist and Journalist,

Karen Blessen

with Brad Thompson, the Eleven:Eleven Revolution, and musical guests

(and the music of Queen, The Propellerheads, and Erika Luckett)

Sunday, May 15

nine:thirty-nine | eleven:eleven celebration

9:39 & 11:11 am | Wesley Hall

Mini-Workshop Offerings

Noon – 3:30 pm | Wesley Hall

Join us for lunch, entertainment, and an afternoon of hands-on fun! Click here to sign up for as many as two workshops (1.5 hours each). For more information, contact Gayle Ammerman (gammerman@myfumc.org).

The Story in the Picture — explore the hidden stories in photography with Chuck Shanlever, photographer/videographer. Bring a camera or smartphone. No cost.

Murals at Home and in the Community — a community mural-making experience with Linda Stolley, professional designer and “muralist.” Wear casual clothing. No cost.

The Play is in the Clay — pottery with Laura Canfield, Dallas area potter. Wear casual clothing. Cost is $10 for materials.

Creative Journaling — start off summer journeys with creative journal and writing tips with Karolyn Stirewalt, President of The Creativity and Wellness Center, Fort Worth. Cost is $10 for materials.

Alexei Sultanov Tribute Concert16_HSFor Alexei: Always Loved, Never Lost

‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

— from “In Memoriam A.H.H.” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Sultanov_24911When their love was in full bloom just like the lilacs back in Moscow, Dace and Alexei Sultanov would run barefoot through the rain together. They had been two peas in a pod since sweet sixteen. Their joint mantra was “Be Inspired and Inspire Others,” and they lived beyond the brim of life. Both were world-class musicians — Dace with her cello and Alexei with his piano. Alexei won the 1989 Van Cliburn Piano Competition at the age of 19, and this dynamic duo was on top of the world.

Then in 2001 Alexei was struck with a serious illness that paralyzed the left side of his body, his left hand — and his music. It also rendered him speechless in more than just the literal sense, leaving his piano silent along with him. Determined to play “Happy Birthday” for his wife and Christmas carols for his family, Alexei made the most of his right hand and music memory to play once again. Together with Dace, he continued to inspire others as they performed miracles during his few remaining years. After Alexei passed in 2005, Dace put her cello away and vowed never to play without her other half. On Dace’s next birthday, Alexei gave her the gift of inspiration to keep the music alive — even after he was gone — and her cello is forever marked by the tear stains from that moment.

Today Dace carries on the legacy she and Alexei built together, and FUMCFW is blessed to call her our beloved cellist. As a tribute to the love of her life and all-time inspiration, Dace performs an annual concert in memory of Alexei. This year’s commemorative concert will be even more special as the couple’s friends and fellow musicians, Pianist Larisa Cherkasov and Violinist Eugene Cherkasov, perform alongside Dace, accompanied by Organist Peggy Graff. This group of celebrated musicians will bring the powerful spirit and wonderful memories of Alexei Sultanov to life during the springtime he loved so much.

Join us on Sunday, May 22, at 6:30 pm in the Sanctuary for what is sure to be another inspirational Alexei Sultanov Tribute Concert. Click here to read Dace’s story about how music changed their lives.

Congregational Care 4.15The Many Ways and Means of Caring
Defining the CCMs of First Church




  1. to give service, care, or aid; attend, as to wants or necessities.
  2. to contribute, as to comfort or happiness.

There are many ways to define ministers. Most people might imagine a pastor with Bible in hand and acolytes in tow. Or perhaps it makes you think of a government official of some sort. The Congregational Care Ministers (CCMs) of FUMCFW are exactly what that title sounds like — they are ministers who care for our congregation. In other words, CCMs are lay persons who work with our clergy and staff to help meet the needs of our church family. Just like any minister, they do their part for the good of others. Whether they are visiting hospitals or supporting grieving families and homebound members, their care means so much to our church family.

To give you an even fuller definition of all our CCMs do, let’s take a closer look at two of them: Carol Catching and Marsha Warren. Both Carol and Marsha are retired teachers who were looking for a new way to get involved here at FUMCFW. In becoming CCMs they have found a calling that offers much more than meets the eye. Not only do these ministers care for our members — our members care right back. From visitors to prayer partners to friends, the CCMs of First Church redefine the many ways we can be a minister to others.

Click here to read more about Carol, Marsha, and all the CCMs in our church family. For more information on becoming a CCM, contact Rev. Phyllis Barren (pbarren@myfumc.org) at 817/339-5082. Plus, join Phyllis and other CCMs in the Garden on May 15, 22, and 29 to learn even more about this meaningful ministry.

Special Programs Survey_HSSurvey Says . . .

The FUMCFW Special Programs Survey results are in! Here’s what Rev. Chuck Graff had to say about them: “This survey has provided our Adult Education Ministry (thanks to your valuable responses) with important information showing that Wednesday evenings and Sundays after church are key days and times to offer new studies, groups, and a variety of offerings. Please watch for churchwide suppers and events, new studies, and other opportunities being planned this fall around these days and times. Thanks to our Communications Team for your fantastic work on this important survey!” Click here to download a full report.

Part-Time Employment Opportunity: Security Officer

FUMCFW is looking for a part-time security officer to help keep our church safe and sound.

  • Requirement: Level II Security Card
  • Work hours: Wednesday evenings from 5:30 – 9:30 pm; first Friday of every month from 6:00 – 11:00 pm; some Sunday mornings from 7:00 am – 12:30 pm; other days and times as needed

If you are interested, please send your resume and qualifications, along with any questions, to employment@myfumc.org.

Ministry News Web Header

Sub_new_150_adult2Sub_new_150_children2Sub_new_150_compassion & justice2


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Wesleyan Adventurers Chandor Gardens_HSWesleyan Adventurers Day Trip to Chandor Gardens

Tuesday, May 24
9:00 am – 2:00 pm | Bus leaves from FUMCFW parking lot
Chandor Gardens, Weatherford, TX | $30
Registration required

Join us for a visit to Chandor Gardens, located in Weatherford’s Historic District. The picturesque setting captures both the ornate design of ancient Chinese architecture and the elegance of a formal English garden. The 3.5-acre estate leads its visitors on a meandering path of beauty and wonderment. From the 30-foot man-made waterfall, to the various soothing fountains, the gardens have something new and exciting to offer at every turn. We will depart the FUMCFW parking lot by coach at 9:00 am, visit the gardens, and have lunch before returning to the church at approximately 2:00 pm. To register, contact Marianne Wilson (mwilson@myfumc.org) at 817/339-5071.

Women's Wednesday Morning Study Group_HSWomen’s Wednesday Morning Study Group

April 13 – May 25
Wednesdays | 9:30 – 11:00 am | Room 154
Led by Rev. Phyllis Barren
“Belief” Documentary Series

The class will watch “Belief,” a seven-part documentary exploring humankind’s ongoing search to connect with something greater than ourselves. “Belief” invites viewers to witness some of the world’s most fascinating religious and spiritual journeys through the eyes of believers. Traveling to the far reaches of the world, and to places cameras have rarely been, these stories will all lead us to ask, “What do you believe?” For more information, please contact Rev. Phyllis Barren (pbarren@myfumc.org).

Pastor's Bible Study_HSPastor’s Bible Study

March 30 – May 25
Wednesdays | 6:30 – 7:30 pm | Room 231
Led by Rev. Lance Marshall

This offering is an open Bible study; no purchase or registration is necessary. The current focus of study is the Gospel of Matthew — with occasional detours into other texts and topic of discussion. This study welcomes both those who have never opened the Bible in their lives, as well as to those who study on a regular basis. Join us!

Visit the Adult Ministries page for more information on programs and activities.


Mission Day Camp_LogoMission Day Camp

June 13 – 17
Registration closed
Lyle Lodge | Children entering grades 3 – 6
$125 per child before May 30, $160 after

Click here to learn more!

Click here to sign up to be a youth volunteer!

Children of God, Citizens of the World: A Mission Day Camp for Kids combines a strong mission and outreach core with the kinds of activities that make summer camp so much fun. Activities include swimming (registered lifeguards on site), mission projects, Bible study, music, camp games, Journey of Faith nature walks, and more. Camp counselors are the youth of FUMCFW. They lead the children in activities and share a worship assembly with them each morning.

VBS16 LogoVacation Bible School

July 11 – 15
9:00 am – noon | Meet in Wesley Hall
Children 3 years old through 6th grade

$15 per child before June 7 or $30 after
Registration closes at midnight on July 5
Click here to learn more and register!

Click here to sign up to be an adult volunteer!

Click here to sign up to be a youth volunteer!

At Vacation Bible School 2016: Surf Shack, children will discover an interactive, energizing, Bible-based program that will give them an opportunity to catch the wave of God’s amazing love. During VBS at FUMCFW, children will become surfers and explore how to serve God and His mission for their lives.

VBS Celebration Sunday

Sunday, July 17

11:00 am | Sanctuary

Visit the Children’s Ministries page for more information on programs and activities.

Visit the FUMC Day School page for more information on programs and activities.

Sub_compassion & justice

Great Day of Service_HS

Great Day of Service

Saturday, May 14
7:30 am – 6:30 pm
Glen Lake Camp | Glen Rose, TX

Glen Lake Camp, a Christian retreat and conference center owned and operated by the Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church, has been serving others for 75 years. This amazing camp has provided us with so many wonderful experiences over these years, and we now have the opportunity to return the favor by making some improvements to the camp. There will be projects for all skill levels, so everyone is welcome. Plus, lunch will be provided. Not only is this a great way to serve — it’s also a great way to connect with others. Seize the day by taking some time out(side) to help improve this amazing church camp. Thanks to our Singles Ministry and Mission Teams Ministries for sponsoring this opportunity. For more information, contact Rev. Chuck Graff (cgraff@myfumc.org) at 817/339-5065 or Cindy Young (cyoung1952@att.net).

Room in the Inn_socialRoom in the Inn Volunteer Training

Thursday, May 26
6:00 – 7:30 pm | Justin Building

Room in the Inn is a life-changing ministry that provides shelter to individuals who are homeless during the three coldest and the two hottest months every year. Make plans now to attend the mandatory training session to learn how you can help FUMCFW and First Street Methodist Mission help 14 single men find relief from the extreme temperatures every Thursday evening this season. Click here to sign up or for more information, or contact Rev. Nancy Froman (nfroman@firststreetmission.org).

May15 Mission Sunday_socialMay Mission Sundays: Sheets & Towels

During the month of May, please bring sheet and towel sets to:
First Street Methodist Mission | Monday – Thursday | 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
OR the donation bins at the East, West, & Garden entrances | Sunday mornings

For more information, contact Linda Murphy (lmurphy@firststreetmission.org) at 817/339-2404.

Visit the Compassion & Justice Ministries page for more information on programs and activities.


Alexei Sultanov Tribute Concert16_HSAlexei Sultanov Tribute Concert

Sunday, May 22
6:30 pm | Sanctuary
Admission is free

You are invited to a love story — one told by a world-class musician in memory of another. Our beloved cellist at FUMCFW, Dace Sultanov, will perform her annual tribute concert to the love of her life and all-time inspiration — 1989 Van Cliburn Piano Competition Gold Medalist, Alexei Sultanov. Dear friends and fellow musicians will perform with Dace at this year’s commemorative concert. Pianist Larisa Cherkasov and Violinist Eugene Cherkasov will perform works both individually and with Dace, including compositions by Sarasota, Chopin, Brahms’ “Cello Sonata in E minor,” and Mendelssohn’s “Piano Trio No. 1.” Organist Peggy Graff will accompany Dace on the Anne S. and Henry B. Paup Sanctuary Pipe Organ as she performs Massenet’s “Thais.” Together, these celebrated musicians will bring to life the powerful spirit of Alexei Sultanov that lives on in our memories. For more information, contact Peggy Graff (pgraff@myfumc.org) at 817/339-2405.

Click here to download a printable PDF flyer and help promote this free concert among your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and anyone else who might enjoy this beautiful evening at First Church!

Singing Women of First Church_HSSinging Women of First Church

Sunday, June 19
9:30 & 11:00 am worship | Sanctuary

Singing Women of First Church Rehearsals

6.8 | 8:00 – 9:00 pm | Choir Room
6.15 | 8:00 – 9:00 pm | Choir Room

Are you a young adult or senior woman who loves to sing but is not available to attend weekly church choir rehearsals? We have the answer for you! On June 19 (Father’s Day) at the 9:30 and 11:00 am Sanctuary worship services, the Singing Women of First Church will fill our Sanctuary with beautiful women’s voices under the direction of Robert Stovall, Director of Music & Worship Arts. There are just two rehearsals scheduled for this event: Wednesday, June 8, from 8:00 – 9:00 pm and Wednesday, June 15, from 8:00 – 9:00 pm (located in the Choir Room on the second floor of the Main Building). Come one, come all! For more information, contact Peggy Graff, Organist and Associate Director of Music & Worship Arts (pgraff@myfumc.org). See you on June 8 for our first rehearsal!

Visit the Music Ministries page for more information on programs and activities.


Youth Sunday_HSYouth Sunday

Sunday, May 22
11:00 am worship | Sanctuary

In this annual tradition honoring our Youth Ministries, the youth come together to lead and facilitate the worship service at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary. It’s always a meaningful and fun-filled morning of worship for all, and an incredible privilege to be a part of the congregation as we are led in worship by our youth! Andrew Mochrie, Director of Youth Ministries, will give the sermon.

KansasCity_22016 Summer Mission Trip

June 19 – 24
Registration closed
Kansas City, MO | $225 for students | $75 for adults
Grades 7 – 12  (In the 2015 – 2016 School Year)

We’ll be going up to Kansas City this summer from June 19 – 24 for our youth mission trip, which is open to all youth grades 7 – 12. We’ll be spending the week working in the city, worshipping together, and having fun. Youth have to be able to be there the entire week. Questions? Contact Brenda Kegans (bkegans@myfumc.org) at 817/339-3888.

7th Grade Summer Mission Blitz_HSRising 7th-Grader Summer Mission Blitz

Monday, June 27 – Wednesday, June 29
Monday | 5:00 pm | Meet at Justin Building
Wednesday | 9:00 am | Pickup time
$75 | Click here to register online

Come join us for our first-ever Rising 7th-Grader Summer Mission Blitz. This is your time to own the Justin, serve our community, build friendships, and create INCREDIBLE memories! There will be worship, mission projects, and Hurricane Harbor — not to mention you get to sleep over! Contact Andrew Mochrie (amochrie@myfumc.org) or Brenda Kegans (bkegans@myfumc.org) for more information.

CampPromoCamp Barnabas

July 23 – 29
Registration closed
Purdy, MO | $250 per person | Space is limited
Grades 9 – 12  (In the 2015 – 2016 School Year)

FUMCFW Youth are headed back to Camp Barnabas this summer for a week of swimming, camping, and playing with amazing campers dealing with mental disabilities. This is an incredible week of life-changing experiences sure to change perspectives, redefine disability, and spread God’s love in an unforgettable way!

“We want to show our volunteers what it looks like to serve others the way Christ calls us to serve, to look past physical appearances and instead, look at the heart.”

— from the Camp Barnabas Mission Statement

Visit the Youth Ministries page for more information on programs and activities.

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General Fund in Honor of:
Isabella Laudermill by Bridget & Paul Wylie Jr.

International Missions in Honor of:
Isabella Laudermill by Betty Laudermill


General Fund in Memory of:
Dr. Robert Protzman by Loyalty Class

Welcoming Ministries in Memory of:
Mr. Plocica by Kay Watkins


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