Staff_Marshall, LanceThe best days of my work always involve watching. Watching faces during worship, watching hands hold each other. I see the faces of brides and grooms at the biggest moment of their lives. I watch as people welcome new family members at birth and say good bye at death.

The past two weeks have allowed me to watch as you, the people of First 7th, open your hearts to God in a big way.

During our worship on June 29, I threw down the Trinity Challenge, a push that anyone who wants to grow closer to Christ needs to start a series of talks with others about where their soul is and where they’re headed. Our God is a Trinity, a Holy community, and we must be in a holy community to grow closer to God.10405697_676058365804803_7047960772323646673_n

Over half of congregation accepted this challenge! That’s amazing! Over half said they would open their homes, their lives, their hearts for these holy conversations. As I work with these group leaders, I watch as they step outside of their comfort zone to try something new for God. The stories come back are stories of life, stories of energy, stories of saying “why haven’t we been doing this all along?”

Our church is on the move! We are a movement of disciples, growing in our love of God following the model of Jesus Christ. If you’re racing along, we celebrate you. If you’re struggling, we encourage you. And if you’re on the outside, we welcome you. To our church, to our movement, to our Christ.

God bless!



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