Warming By Fires Built By Others

Charme-Robarts-webIn some ways being a part of a church is like warming our hands by fires others have built.  I am a part of the Eleven:Eleven Community and every week I hear the music of gifted musicians and I hear words that inspire me and encourage me, and I get to just take it in. These things stay with me throughout the week, like open windows to fresh air when life gets crazy.

No doubt the same thing happens at all the worship assemblies of our church; several people work hard each week to make the worship experiences meaningful, whether in the Sanctuary, in Leonard Chapel, or at the Justin Building–and many of us benefit.

But there is much more going on throughout the week at our church as ministers and members carry out their work. Ministry with the poor, to the grieving, to those in need of counseling, ministry to children and parents, and care for the sick–all these things and many more go on each week, and many of them without my participation.

But my world is better for all of them because everything is connected and my hands enjoy the warmth of these good things. We can all say the same; the good others make our own lives richer.  We didn’t build all the fires that burn brightly from our church, but we can help keep the fires going by giving generously to our stewardship campaign. The work of our church requires our effort and our money, and I am committed to supporting these good things.  I hope you will too.

Charme Robarts



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