Warm Welcome on Christmas Eve — and Always!

By January 12, 2017Advent


advent16_hsFirst Church had a full house on Christmas Eve with more than 3,500 people worshipping with us. From greeting to ushering to making sure everyone at each of our six services had a candle and someone to light it, our Welcoming Ministries volunteers were also out in full force. About 232 people in the crowd were visitors, many of whom were invited by a friend or family member. “This is AWESOME! ” exclaims Lisa Helm, Director of Welcoming Ministries, who, according to Dr. Tim Bruster, may have nearly mastered the art of omnipresence on Christmas Eve. From tending the reception in Wesley Hall, making sure candle bins were full — or empty, depending on what time it was, in addition to keeping care of her amazing crew of volunteer ushers, greeters, and other helpers (and did we mention keeping church staff, clergy, and volunteers fed in Room 154 throughout the grueling schedule that began at noon and ran well past midnight?) Lisa likely amassed a record number of steps to bring about what she describes as the perfect opportunity for our First Church Family to let people know what a wonderful and welcoming community we are. “This visitor turnout on Christmas Eve also shows the exponential effect of having our whole church family inviting friends, neighbors, and relatives to come to church with them,” she adds.

Lisa points out that visitors are pretty easy to spot when they aren’t sure where to go or what to do. That’s when we need your help as we reach out to greet and welcome visitors. “People come here to worship, but they also come to be part of a community of worshippers,” Lisa adds. “They’re looking to connect with other people. It’s the members of this church who will make people want to come back as much as the clergy and programs!” Let Lisa know if you’d like to become a Welcoming Ministries volunteer, or just take a few moments each week to reach out to all of our visitors to make them feel welcome here with us.

Contact: Lisa Helm | lhelm@myfumc.org | 817-339-2403


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