Voces8 is at FUMC!

By February 27, 2014Music & Worship Arts

Taylor Davis 2012For the next several days, you might encounter a gang of English singers in our halls – we are hosting Voces8 (Voces is pronounced vo-ches). They are rising stars in the choral world and are here to do educational outreach as well as sing in worship and perform a concert.

There are three things I want you to know about this:

  1. Today the outreach begins with Flower Mound High School and the Singing Girls of Texas coming to FUMC. Lots of extra guests will be here throughout the day. (Thursday’s outreach is at the actual schools: TA Sims, TCU, and Hughes Middle School in Burleson.)
  2. Their concert in the chapel on Sunday evening is going to be wonderful…even if you’re not a choir nerd (If you liked the Gershwin (above), click here to hear a little Bach). I hope you’ll consider joining us.
  3. They are so kind and they are incredibly curious about having a true Fort Worth experience, complete with a million questions. If you run into them, fill them in on life here. (Chicken fried steak has already blown their minds.)

It’s a real treat for us to host them. I hope you’ll get to enjoy them, too! Seating is limited in the chapel for their performance, so click here to make a reservation.


Click on the image to purchase your tickets now!


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