Two Opportunities in October Guaranteed to Help You Live Your Best Life!

“We have a passion for Healthy Plate because it has enriched our own lives so much and helped us grow in our own discipleship. Our favorite part about the Healthy Plate Breakfast (OK, second-favorite after the food) is that we learn new ideas from the participants every single time. This will be a casual, interactive gathering with good food and bad jokes. We hope to see you there!”
~ Allison & Dave Alvarado

“The Healthy Plate model of discipleship helped me have a closer relationship with God and the church and that’s why it’s important for me to encourage others to try it.” ~ Sarah Harris, UMW President

We’ve all experienced that a-ha moment after a trip or holiday celebration when we look in the mirror and say, “It’s time to make healthy food choices so I feel better and fit into my clothes.” The truth is, when you don’t eat well, you don’t feel well. When you don’t feel well, it’s difficult to live the life you want.

The same can be said about spiritual health – without a “diet” of spiritual practices, it’s easy to fret about things more and trust God less. But, intentionally practicing six habits – worship, pray, serve, give, learn, play – will deepen your faith, make you more aware of God’s presence and help you prioritize the things that will bring you peace and joy so you can live your best life. At FUMC, we call this the Healthy Plate Model of Discipleship.

So where do you start? I invite everyone to take part in two opportunities in October guaranteed to put you on your way to practicing all six habits:

1. Attend the Healthy Plate Discipleship Breakfast on Sunday, October 10, at 9:30 in room 350. This fun and interactive morning of breakfast with others and a chance to learn more about Healthy Plate Discipleship is led by Allison Alvarado, FUMCFW Executive Director, and her husband, Dave Alvarado, FUMCFW Finance Committee Chair and Gathering Band member. Click here to register.

2. Play the UMW (United Methodist Women) Healthy Plate Game beginning Sunday, October 17. October 17 is UMW Sunday and part of the fun that day will be the opportunity to play the Healthy Plate game. Game cards will be available on Sunday mornings beginning October 17 while supplies last at the Welcome Center and the On Ramp. Stop by, pick up a card, and as you complete each category write the date beside it. When you complete all six, redeem your card for a prize in the Welcome Center. Here’s how to fill your card with an activity from each of the 6 categories:

Worship – Attend worship each week. Whether your preference is in-person worship or online, we have both! And, even if you miss on Sunday, you can always go to the website and watch or listen to previous services – or just the sermon if you prefer.

Pray – Begin or end each day with prayer. A super easy way to do that is to do Lance’s Daily Devotional or Tim’s Daily Bread Devotional. Or maybe you prefer to do that on your own. Do you pray or “talk to God” when you’re walking or exercising? If so, guess what? You’re already doing this one!

Learn – Grace Groups, Sunday School classes, or Bible Studies are all places at FUMCFW where you can learn and our website is a great resource for finding something that interests you. I’m involved in GROW Bible Study, offered in person on Wednesday mornings and both in-person and on Zoom on Wednesday evenings and I love it! This Bible study is a comfortable place for everyone – those who’ve never attended a Bible Study, those who’ve been to multiple studies, and everyone in between. Click here to find out more.

Give – As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Ask yourself what brings you more joy – opening a gift or watching someone open a gift you picked just for them and know will mean something to them? The truth is, giving brings great joy and gives you a sense of fulfillment and meaning. Make an annual pledge to FUMCFW or to the FUMCFW Ministry Operating Fund. Click here to give or find out more.

Serve – Service is giving our time and gifts back to God and the church by putting our faith into action. In service, we turn our hearts toward God’s people and can be transformed by relationships with our church and community. If you need help finding a place to serve, I would love to visit with you – contact me at 817/339-2403 or

Play – Play opens us up to friendships that help us bear burdens and celebrate life’s joy. God created us to live life with others – not as isolated beings. Bottom line: it’s just more fun to “do life” in community with others! Here are some fun ideas to fill your plate with play: Have a Halloween BYOD with your friends. Ask everyone to bring their own dinner and a treat to trade. If you really want to make it spook-tacular, ask everyone to come in costume! Or, grab your friends and head for a day of fun at the Fort Worth Zoo. Organize a time for you and your friends to meet at a coffee shop for some coffee and conversation, or a restaurant for dinner and a movie night or Happy Hour an evening with your best buddies.

And remember, when you have filled your card, bring it to the Welcome Center to redeem it for a special gift.

So come on! Make October the month you commit to the six Healthy Plate practices, attend the breakfast, and play the game. It’s the perfect opportunity to start on your way to living your best spiritual life.

See you Sunday!



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