Tomorrow is North Texas Giving Day. Please support the Methodist Justice Ministry.

Methodist Justice Ministry helps children who have been the victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, as well as babies born addicted to drugs. We ensure that children are legally protected from abusive parents and remain safe with protective caregivers.

One of our clients shares her battle to protect her niece, “Sophie”:

Sophie was removed from her mother’s custody due to drug use. Sophie’s father is a drug dealer and drug user as well. In April of 2018, attorney Jodie Connaughton sought, and I was granted sole managing conservatorship of Sophie. I am so grateful to the Justice Ministry for providing Sophie a fresh new start with a family who is blessed to have her. Jodie and Methodist Justice Ministry were so great with the service they provided, that I would not have been able to afford otherwise.”

Another former client shares the successful outcome she achieved with the help of Methodist Justice Ministry which allowed her to protect her nephews:

A very tragic accident happened in our family that Child Protective Services had to step in and removed my nephews. But with the help of the Ministry we were able to get them back and adopt them. Now they are in school and growing every day. Methodist Justice Ministry saved our family. We are forever grateful for them.”

Please support us on North Texas Giving Day. You can schedule your donation now or donate on September 20, 2018.


Rev. Brooks Harrington
Legal Director of Methodist Justice Ministry


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