To Receive the Bread of Heaven, You Have to Let Go

Dear Friends,

Every year at this time, we find our way through Lent into Palm Sunday and Holy Week.

And like the first disciples, we too easily miss the main point, or forget what we have learned about how to truly see and be fed. Let go, and let God show the way. It sounds so easy, but is so hard, especially in our new reality.

I’ve been learning and relearning the main point of Let go and let God  for almost 50 years. I was forced to learn a little about that lesson with my cancer diagnosis as a kid. But it’s so easy to forget! (Just awhile ago I read Lance Marshall’s two recent blogs (see links below) about lessons from his last quarantine due to cancer. And I must say, I think he hit the mark!

  1. Lessons from my last quarantine

Part 1: I’ve felt this fear before
Part 2: There is no going back


In relation to the things that matter most and are eternally significant, we are usually blinded by our self-centered concerns and “downstairs brain.”  Though that part of us usually resists letting go of those blinders of denial, times of tragedy can become our greatest teachers.

Jesus already knew the lesson by heart and in his whole being.  When he entered Jerusalem on a donkey on what we call Palm Sunday , the message was that we enter through the way of vulnerability.  Also, the main point of Maundy Thursday reminds us that service to others (washing feet)  and feeding the soul (Last Supper) was what opened us all to the miracles and power of love and compassion.

Today I looked back and found a blog I had written at this time three years ago.

I just realized again that I need to keep relearning and remembering that eternal truth.

It is through our brokenness that our souls can find new depths of inner strength and wisdom that comes from God’s undying love.

This season of deep longing and soul searching, of exploring new ways of discovering community, and living into new ways of belonging, will be a long and challenging journey (much longer than the 40 days of Lent.)

But I am tenaciously hopeful that as we become more intentional about making heart and soul connections with others, we will discover miraculous power through compassion, and usher in a deep healing and Wholeness for new beginnings, even as we grieve our many losses.

Three years ago, Elizabeth Wills sang this beautiful song called, In the Broken, for us in Chapel Communion during Holy Week. Here is another version of this song that sings of the power of compassion as we live into and through our shared brokenness.

Let us be looking for the Presence of Resurrection wherever we are.



Dr. Len Delony
Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation



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