Tired? Yeah, same.

By September 19, 2019The Gathering, Worship

This Sunday, we’re continuing our churchwide sermon series, Facing Life’s Storms, with a service focused on what our faith has to say “When You’re Worn Out” — an experience that none of us can relate to or have ever experienced, I’m sure.

Jokes aside, our modern life can move at an absolutely chaotic pace, and most all of us have had (or are currently having) seasons where we’re just exhausted.

Exhausted by running our kids to 15 different practices a week.

Exhausted by jobs that place unrealistic expectations on us or treat us like machines.

Exhausted by taking care of parents and in-laws who are sick and aging.

Exhausted by family members who make coming home a time of more stress, not less.

Exhausted by carrying the weight of financial pressure, a scary diagnosis, an uncertain future, a toxic relationship.

Exhausted by the feeling of never being enough, of there being no end in sight to our work, of feeling unseen and unknown in our struggle.

We have all faced seasons where we’re not just tired; we’re totally worn down, and it’s not just our bodies or our brains that are tired, but our very souls.

This weekend in The Gathering, we’re going to be taking on what it means to be that kind of tired, and what hope we can find in our faith in response. We’ll be talking about the prophet Isaiah and his message of hope to the Israelites.

Christianity, unfortunately, is no guarantee that we won’t face storms and struggle in our lives. It is no easy answer or escape from the hardship of daily life, but a grounding for living and breathing hope in the very midst of that hardship. There is no easy answer that I can give, no magic bullet, just as there was no easy answer from Isaiah to the Israelites.

But there is hope, hope grounded in the promises of God to God’s people, to us, that God would never abandon us or forsake us, even in the midst of our deepest places of need. Hope that reminds us that no matter how fierce the storm we are in, we are never alone, and the sun will (eventually) come through the clouds again.

Come worship with us, pray with us, sip much-needed coffee with us, and be reminded of the good news this weekend: that someday, it will get better, and God will be with you until it does.

Kat Bair
Director of Youth Ministries


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