Three Things

Hi Families.

Well, our 14 semester of Academy is officially “in the books.”
Children’s will be open this Sunday, but it’ll be light. Start time is 9:30 am.
And June 3 is “Promotion Sunday.” That’s when our Pre-Ks come upstairs, and we classify the kids based on the grade they’re going into in the fall.
(We’ll hold onto our Sixers until Confirmation starts in September.)
The summer curriculum will be great!
Visual Arts (featuring our amazingly brilliant Ms. Holly)
Play Together Pray Together (a curriculum that connects classic toys to different modes of prayer)
The Gospel According to Disney 2 (our popular summer film series that connects favorite movies to Bible truths)

I made a BIG Announcement yesterday to the choir that I think many of you who aren’t currently in choir will find very intriguing!
Next year’s big choir project will be to record a full-length CD!
It will feature Bible songs, old favorites from Children First, hymns, even Bible verses and prayers.
(And just like a musical — there will be plenty of solo and speaking opportunities!)
We’ll even have a CD Release Party next spring.
But the main reason we’re doing it isn’t so we can feel like rock stars.
We’re going to make sure all of our First Floor classes (from Pre-Ks down to infants) have the CDs so they can play them in their rooms.
That means WE will be a huge part of the faith development of our little friends.
We think this has BROAD appeal beyond those who’d normally consider themselves “choir material.”
It will offer opportunities for those who want to offer songs/prayers/praise to God…just maybe not up in front of everyone else.
We will have MANY different recording sessions so that we can accommodate all the different family schedules. (With the musical there’s always just been the one performance date, and if you had a conflict, you probably didn’t feel much like sticking with choir.)
Recording a CD is just a lot of FUN! We’ll be in the same studio that has recorded stars like Pat Green and The Toadies.
So . . . I know Fall Academy is a long way off. Just wanted you to have this in your awareness.

And finally, VBS Registration is getting VERY full. Our 3-year-old and Pre-K classes are completely filled, so we’ve closed off those sections.
(If you have a child in those age-groups and would like to be on our wait-list, please let us know.)
Keep an eye out for more closings as sections fill up. Early Bird deadline is June 5, but honestly, we may not make it that far before we’re a completely full VBS. So if you haven’t registered . . .

Have a wonderful week!

Mark Burrows
Director of Children’s Ministries
VBS July 9 – 13, 2018


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