Three Things

Hi Families!

Three Quick Things:

Thing One — Spring Academy registration for K – 5th is on, and now (we hope) glitch-free!

Here is the link.

Please make sure to indicate a second option. Creation Care and Therapy Dogs are already full, and Visual Arts is close to full!

Thing Two — Baptism of the Lovies is THIS Sunday, January 21, at the 11:00 am Sanctuary service.

We’re asking that each child bring a doll, blanket, or other lovie from home. (Even older kids!)

Dr. B and Dr. Mike Marshall will lead a service where each child’s lovie will be baptized while the child holds it.

Don’t worry — it will only be the lightest of sprinkles (all the same, toys with electronics should probably stay at home).

We want to give children a concrete way to connect with what baptism symbolizes in our faith — that we are part of God’s family, and God loves us, no matter what.

Thing Three — Baby Celebration Sunday is February 11 at the 11:00 am service.

If you have had a baby born in the last year, we want to celebrate that with you!

Please let us know so we can make sure you’re included in all communications specific to that event.

Stay warm this week!



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