This Sunday: Renowned Storyteller Dr. Donna Ingham

Staff_McDermott, TomI’m sure you’ve experienced that moment where someone’s asked you, “So, tell me, what’s your story?” We tell stories all the time — not so much to describe who we are or what we do in life as to find ways we can make sense out of our world, connect with others, and find meaning for our lives. So we talk about the stories of the day or resonate with others’ stories by reciprocating with some of our own experiences. On occasion our stories might even get embellished – maybe only in the slightest — to identify more directly with the stories others are telling. Connection is one of our deepest longings, and stories are often the way we try to get there.

The world is full of stories and plots that drive our daily lives, compel our conscience or self-esteem, tell us who we are — or who we should be. It’s really all story in the end, but does that mean it’s not true or not real?

The line between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy is perhaps where our truth is best found. Maybe there’s more truth in mystery than in what we think we can firmly grasp. Or, as my Uncle Mac used to say of his wild, imaginative stories, “It’s all true . . . even if it never happened!”

eleven eleven Summer15_HSJoin us in eleven:eleven celebration this Sunday morning as we explore the nature of truth and “truthiness,” with Guest Speaker and Humorist Dr. Donna Ingham. Donna, winner of the coveted Texas Liars Contest to become, “The Biggest Liar in Texas,” will share a little fact and fiction to kick off our summer series, To Tell the Truth: Stories Make Our World.

A retired English professor, Donna is a nationally-known storyteller, author, speaker, and multi-time winner of liar’s contests throughout the US. A sought-after speaker in theaters, festivals, and churches across the country, Donna confesses, “Unlike many of our politicians, I didn’t come by lying naturally. No, it was thrust upon me.” Even so, she is clearly at home twisting truths to the point of incredulity and back again. With Donna’s distinct style at play, we’ll listen together for that unexpected, universal kernel of truth that speaks to us all; we will undoubtedly be reminded that we all have stories that are stranger than fiction — and yet truer than fact.

Dr. Ingham will have your head spinning and your sides splitting with laughter. Brad Thompson will lead the Revolution band with guest vocalist and soulful singer, Christa Russell, in selections including Hope in a Hopeless World, and music by Widespread Panic, Nina Simone, and Peter Mayer.

I hope to see you Sunday!







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