Thirty Days Later

By February 6, 2017Fit First

Jennifer_Stephens_3As we have completed the first month of 2017 how are your fitness goals coming along? Have you put that gym membership card in a drawer somewhere and forgotten where it is? Did you go into the gym with every intention of working out but once you got there looked around and had no clue what you are supposed to do or where to start? Are you going to the fast food drive-through again? Did your attempt to quit eating bread not make it past Tuesday? Don’t worry — you are not alone. Many Americans every year make New Year’s Resolutions January 1 and by February 1 they have gone back to their old habits. It is a hard thing to change our lifestyle, and it doesn’t happen overnight. It can be frustrating and overwhelming at times. We need encouragement, education, and accountability to guide us to long-term lifestyle goals. This life journey is not meant to be done alone.

Last week I was going through my filing cabinet and I came across my nutrition plan for when I was body building (many years ago). I have a degree in Exercise Sport Science but I knew that I needed someone to guide me, encourage me, and keep me accountable if I was going to reach my fitness goals. I worked with a nutritionist who had experience with female body builders. I made friends with others who had the same goal and we became accountability partners. I knew what to eat and what not to eat, but it was so much easier for someone to put it in writing for me and to check in on me, to see if I was doing what I was supposed to do. Recently, I have been training to run the Cowtown Marathon at the end of February, and each weekend when I do my long run for the week I reach out to my friends and ask for their support and encouragement as I run. They send me encouraging and sometimes funny text messages that help me push through the last few miles. We all need someone we can count on who will ask us, “How are you doing with your goals?” — whether they be fitness goals or some other goal you have set for yourself.

God didn’t put us on earth to be alone but to share our lives with others. If you have a goal you are trying to reach I would love to hear from you! Let’s start and finish strong this year!

Grace and Peace,

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