What do you thirst for?

brooks_web “How joyful are those who hunger and thirst for _______________________, for they shall be satisfied.”

Of course, you recognize this as part of the beatitude from the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5. I left part of it blank to encourage each of us to ask ourselves:

· first, what things do I act as if I “hunger and thirst for;”
· second, whether those things actually satisfy and fill me when I attain them; and,
· third, if they do not in fact satisfy or fill—which is to say, if they do not make me “joyful” when I attain them–what it is then that I truly do hunger and thirst for–what it is that would truly satisfy me, fill me, and give me joy?

Many people experience the Sermon the Mount as a stack of “oughts” that are so oppressive and impossible as to lead to deep unhappiness if we try to obey them. But these teachings are better seen as amazing advice and loving counsel from the One who made us and knows us best. They are advice and counsel addressed to who we truly are—who my true self is—and thus revealing what will truly satisfy us, fill us and give us joy.

This advice and counsel is so very counter to the advice and counsel we receive from this culture, it comes down to our naming the God, or the gods, we will actually trust, follow and worship. What we act as if we hunger and thirst for determines our happiness, our character, our faithfulness, and our God.

Hope to see you Sunday at 8:30 in DiscipleChurch.

Your brother, Brooks


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