Third Grade Bible

Hello Families of Third Graders!

If this were any normal year, you would be getting gobs of emails from us about the Third Grade Bible Retreat and Presentation, which typically takes place the third weekend in September.

But this is not a normal year.

Here’s the plan:

  • As soon as our church starts having small groups meet on campus, we will be in touch;
  • We will identify a weekend and have families sign up to be part of a cohort;
  • These cohorts will be of no more than 8-10 kids;
  • Each cohort will meet in the garden for about 90 minutes;
  • We’ll play Bible skills games, and explore ways to get the most out of our Bibles;
  • At the end, each child will be presented their Bible by me and a member of our clergy. Family will be able to be present for that, and we may even have to divide each cohorts to ensure we never have too many people in the garden at once;
  • Afterwards, we’ll have a 30-minute gap before a new cohort comes to the garden.

And THIS PROMISE – Once it’s safe for all of us to truly be together again, we will have a special overnight retreat out at Lyle Lodge, complete with everything that makes that event so special for the kids.

Third Grade Bible is one of the true touchstone moments in Children’s Ministry. We’re going to do everything we can to keep it special and meaningful while being extra safe with your dear ones.



Mister Mark,

Mark Burrows
Director of Children’s Ministries


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