Third Grade Bible

Hi Families.

So, as we start to figure out how we’ll do Third Grade Bible presentations, one thing we know we will definitely need — Your child’s full name as you would like it to read in their Bible. We’ll make sure our calligrapher (yes, we have one of those) starts inscribing soon.

Please email your third grader’s full name (most people include the middle name) to Ms. Janice at

So, one of the things that have become a tradition at our Third Grade Bible Retreats is The Books of the Bible Song.

It got to the point where, thanks to this song, virtually every kid left the retreat with all the books of the Bible memorized in order.

Since any semblance of a retreat is still a ways off, I thought it’d be fun to share the song now; then when we can finally meet in-person, we can play a game to see who can get the furthest through the song.

But a warning — this song is INCREDIBLY CATCHY!

You will hear it in your sleep.

Just wanted you to know.


Mark Burrows
Director of Children’s Ministries


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