The 5 W’s and 1 H of God: WHEN Things Fall Apart

Charme RobartsFor many people the path of life eventually comes to the cold waters of a faith crisis. That crisis can take shape in many different ways, and it may begin against the backdrop of strong faith, weak faith, or no faith. Faith crisis is not the result of only one kind of religion or worldview; it is not a respecter of persons or religion.

dancer stretching Edgar Degas

“Dancer Stretching” by Edgar Degas

For some the crisis may be like a defiant fist shaking at the universe or a sullen sauntering into the hinterlands of the psyche. For others it feels like an existential loneliness, a moving through life, struggling for meaning while the language of God and God’s will fills your airwaves and remains in the mouths of the people you love — and you know the words, but you no longer understand them.

Some find a way out of the crisis and return to sweet certainty they always knew; others find a way, a path, marked with different language and symbols — or maybe new interpretations of old symbols — and find themselves like a merchant who brings out of the storeroom old and new treasures. It’s like visiting a new country, where the street signs are different and maybe the rituals have changed. But the ground holds you up again, even though uncertainty becomes like a sacrament, a humble and sacred gift that you honor and offer without fear.

When things fall apart and the center cannot hold . . . join us in nine:thirty-nine and eleven:eleven celebration to reflect on these things.




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