The Refuge

By September 7, 2016Youth Ministries

Andrew MochrieSunday nights are taking on a new skin this coming semester over in the Justin Building. We are moving away from Night Church (Nurch) and are beginning The Refuge. You may be asking yourself, why “The Refuge”? Great question! A refuge can be defined as a condition of being safe from the pursuit of danger or trouble. Or simply a refuge is a safe place. We desire the Justin Building to be a safe place for teenagers to do a couple of things: We want them to (1) feel as if they can safely explore their faith and begin to build the foundation of that faith that will last the rest of their lives. In order to do that we want them to (2) feel as if this is a place where they can be who they really are, comfortable in their own skin.

That is what The Refuge is designed to be, a safe place to be with friends, explore faith, and serve God. It will consist of a mix of worship, service, open Justin time, and creative experiences. We desire Sunday evenings to become a time to look forward to at the end of the week as a place of rest and refueling; it’s the place where you see your friends and you experience God’s presence through not only those friendships but also the creative experiences and worship, and through the opportunities to be God’s people in the world. We look forward to seeing what God is going to do in the midst of our teenagers this semester at The Refuge!



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