The Dove’s Call

Len Delony1As we move further into Advent as preparation for Christmas, I am reminded again of how much I love this spiritual practice of being mindful and prayerful of the seasons throughout the church calendar. It can help me remember that life is not just a linear, rushing-through-chronological-time as we measure our “efficiency” with ever more precise time pieces. The church calendar is not about telling us what we should be busy doing or buying. (Though I know of a T-shirt that could make a good Christmas present, which proclaims: “Jesus is Coming Soon! Look Busy!”)

A bit like the four seasons of winter-spring-summer-fall, the church seasons help us pay attention to the circles of life that shape our relationships and our sense of purpose. Paying attention to the seasons such as Advent-Christmas and Lent-Easter can make us more aware of God’s Presence in each kairos moment we experience. It can help us remember what we all too easily forget in our busyness. We are part of something much bigger than our egos think. We are all part of God’s ongoing creation and we are all together in this call to live as instruments of God’s peace. Through the many surprises that each year brings, if we can “pray attention” through the seasons of the church, we can become ever more aware that we are part of God’s BIG story, and are being rooted and grounded each day in God’s loving Presence.

God calls each and every one of us through our uniqueness into a deeper unity. We are called to open ourselves to deeper visions in the Spirit, and allow God to “flesh out” the Incarnation of Immanuel (or God-with-us) and become as the Body of Christ. Each year we are invited to prepare for and discover a new birth of Immanuel within each of us.

Throughout the season of Lent a year and a half ago, we prayed the Prayer of Saint Francis that begins “Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace . . .” At that time I would also listen to Peter Mayer’s beautiful song “Looking for the Dove.” One Sunday morning I witnessed a “God moment” when a dove and I joined for a duet as I was on the way to church. I invite you to revisit that moment here in that season of Lent in 2015. For God’s kairos time is more than our categories of past-present-future can contain. In kairos time there is no such thing as “Been there, done that.” As we open ourselves to God’s vision and call to peace . . . all things are being made new . . .

Grace and peace on the journey . . .


Here is the link to the Lenten blog titled “The Dove’s Call to be Instruments of God’s Peace.”

Peter Mayer song — “Looking for the Dove.”

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